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11 Signs Your Desi Friend Is A Chu^*%@.

Date: 2020-09-24 14:12:41

By Manveen

When you would have heard this song, some names might have come in your mind, right?

Well, it is for those names only that we are writing this article. You can love your friend with the whole heart but that does not mean that they are not stupid. It is okay to love somebody and still not deny the truth. Your friend is a chutiya and you gotta admit the truth now. If you still think we are wrong,

Here are 11 Signs Which Shows Your Desi Friend Is A Chut***:

1.) They take selfies everywhere.

You could be sitting in your classroom and your professor could be discussing the current political situation. One person speaks in favour of CAA, the other against it. The classroom suddenly feels like parliament. You are so taken by everything but suddenly you hear cameras clicking, who's that? Your friend taking a selfie. Out for lunch? Friend taking a selfie. On the road? Your friend taking a selfie. Australian bush fire? Your friend taking a selfie. End of Earth? Your friend is still taking a selfie.

desi friend

2. The Oxford dictionary friend:

Bro, it's not Loo Vittaan, it is called Louis Vuitton... Oh no Parrada nahi, it's PRADA.
These friends are one of the worst kind, I am telling you.

3.) Snapchat everything.

Every time you are with them you have a question in your mind, does he/ she actually have these many friends or are these fake accounts that she keeps on sending stuff too!

desi friend

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4.) IGTV Live (even from the washroom).

See it is cool when you go live on IGTV for certain cases:

a.) If you are Kylie Jenner.
b.) If you are a brand promoting a campaign.
c.) If it is your wedding.
d.) If you are from the press and are covering an event.
e.) If you are a chutiya. Period.

5.) Hair flips for no reason at all.

Your friend probably spends most of their life strutting their hair. Their hands are either occupied with their phones or with their hair, there is hardly anything else.

desi friend

6.) "Yah, you know like totes", "Yas gal", "Gotchya".

And oh that accent!
See they might be good human beings but their accents have often resulted in you being embarrassed in public places. There are certain things even love cannot make up for!


7.) Do your friend honks in a traffic jam?

Is this a way of calling Yamdoot (Death Angel) to filter the car drivers out of the jammed road? To phir kyo karna hai usne, pucho na!

desi friend

8.) Two left feet.

It is a metaphor used for somebody bad at dancing but your friend is so clumsy that fall and trip over everything. Stairs? Yes. Wet Floor? Yes. Fuckboy traps? Yes.

9.) Clumsy and ignorant.

They are clumsy and they still strut. See if you are stupid and kind you are acceptable if you are stupid and arrogant, you better be Katrina Kaif else no hope for you.

10.) "Just Bisleri water".

Because you sure know that is pure and safe to drink!
How can you attest that Bisleri water is good and not just regular tap waters filled in branded jars? Maybe you are just paying for their brand communication and scam.

desi friend

11.) In favour of a dumb political party.

Need we say anything else now? Guess the party name yourself (btw it's 2020). #JustSaying


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