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10 Funny Annoying Restrictions Indian Parents Put On Their Kids.

Date: 2020-04-27 15:35:41

By Vasundhara

India is a funny land and an Indian is even funnier. But do you know what is the funniest Indian breed? Indian Parents.
You thought, Indian kids? Indeed they are, but how can we forget to praise the genes from which the Indian kid evolved from?

Here are 10 funny yet annoying restrictions Indian parents put on their kids:

1.) Finishing milk because otherwise, you will not grow tall.

One of the most striking memories of childhood is the agony of finishing that dreadful glass of milk every day before school in the morning and before going out to play in the evening.

2.) Eating green vegetables is religion.

Dare you tell your mom you hate these vegetables!
Dare you throw your tiffin out of the school bus’s window!
You must simply learn to live a life of illogical restrictions.

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3.) Wake up early and have breakfast on time otherwise spend the entire day listening to them nagging about your lifestyle.

If you do not wake up early and eat your breakfast, you will get cancer, aids, tumor, bacteria, cholera, Ebola, diseases that do not exist, and other things. Who told you so? Your parents. What is their source of information? WhatsApp!

4.) Not watching TV after 10 PM or so.

Kids with strict parents can relate to this. Oh the struggle of sneaking into the room just to watch what ACP Pradyuman ask Daya to find out who is behind the entire scam!

5.) Not using cell phones after 10 PM or so.

Because no decent texting happens after ungodly hours and indecent texting is against our Indian values. We invented Kamasutra, but no, we are not cool with sexting.

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6.) "What are you watching on your computer?".

Remember when the world was still new to Facebook and you had to convince your parents to let you make an idea and they would not even hear of it because some uncle in the neighborhood said "Facebook use karega toh bigad jayega"

7.) Black cat and other Indian superstitions.

Do not cross the road if a black cat has crossed it before you, let somebody else go first else they will scream murder.

India, Indian culture, and Indian superstitions. Period!


8.) "Do not call out for us when we leave the house in the morning".

People abroad take this as a sign of endearment, but dare you call out for your dad once he leaves the office. Your mother will go bonkers with her whole narration of "apshagun".

9.) No non-veg on Tuesdays.

In India some people are also eggetarian, there are people who do not eat non-veg but can eat the curry, there are people who do not eat non-veg on Tuesdays, there are people who do not eat chicken on Thursday and eggs on Saturday, why? Because parents told you so!

10.) Go out and play in the sun/ Come inside and do not play in the season.

This varied from season to season. In winters you were forced to leave your precious blankets and quilts and go out in the sun because your parents emphasized the need for Vitamin D. Whereas in summers, going out and playing in the sun was forbidden. No matter how many times you begged, but it fell deaf on their Indian ears because they feared you acquiring a dark complexion.


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