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10 Reasons You Have The Best Girl Gang In The World

Date: 2019-04-01 14:39:30

By Priyanshi

Girl gangs are the best thing that can happen to a girl because where else will you have night stays with matching pajamas that mark your years-long friendship and wine and face masks. The Girls are there for each other through thick and thin. Boys will come and go, but your girlfriends will stick around like none other. Here's for your girl gang and why it's the best you can have:

1. They are the ones funding tissues and a shoulder to lean on when you're feeling low.

All you need to do is let them know and they'll get a bucket of mint chocolate and be there to listen to you when you're down with a problem. Hey, know exactly how to fix your mood.

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2. They'll accompany you for anything you want from shopping to haircuts.

They don't throw tantrums and that's the best thing about having a close girl gang. They'll be more excited to come with you to the salon to click stupid AF pictures of you when you're getting your hair cut.

3. They'll be there to clean up when you throw up at the bar in the midnight party.

You can count on them if you're drunk because guess who cleaned all that puke that came out from you last night? Also, when they ask you not to drunk dial that boy, just listen to them.

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4. You can be as lame and cringe-worthy as you want.

They are not here to judge you instead will share a good laugh on your lamest jokes and silliest diet plans.

5. Every crazy memory from a stupid decision that you can think of will have your girls in it.

The most decisions make up for the best memories in life - this quote stays applicable only for girl gangs. You are so tight and close-knit and comfortable with each other, you don't have to care what the world says, you just keep making memories!

6. From telepathic conversations to being brutally honest, they'll do all of it for your good.

Don't get them wrong, trust what they're saying because they wish only the best for you. In the end, they will be the ones standing by your side to back you up on your most stupid decisions.

7. Comfort is the prior emotion you feel when you're with them.

You just don't have to care. They make you want to be yourself and not put on any kind of masks. That's why they are the best to have around.


8. You need to rant? Call/text them.

They'll listen to your guy problems for hours and you'll listen to how it's getting difficult to adjust for them in their colleges with new friends. But always know, they are only a call always.

9. They'll give you some best pieces of advice to live by.

Listen to them when they say don't order pineapple pizza or have these amazing street momos. Trust them on advices and you'll thank them later.

10.They are crazy and bring out your crazy when you're with them.

Sleepovers with your girls are the BEST way to get out your crazy and you know that. From boyfriends to pet peeves, they are the best secret keepers and you know you can be at the peak of crazy with them.

Cheers for your girl gang! Don't leave them unless they ditch you on your food suggestion. Well, they'll still make it up for it by getting a mint chocolate tub and ringing your doorbell at 2 in the night. That's the way!


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