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10 Reasons You Are Lucky To Have Her As Your Girlfriend

Date: 2019-05-15 17:16:29

By Mansha

What is the perfect definition of a girlfriend or what type of ingredients makes a perfect girlfriend?

Confused, right girls?

You are not the only one; there are millions of girls who are clueless about how to be a perfect girlfriend and boys have a list of ingredients that can make a perfect girlfriend to them. For every guy, the definition of "the perfect girlfriend" is different, but there are some things, which are common in all the lists and we have bought it for you just for your knowledge...

Provide him space:

Too much of calls or texts are the biggest turn-off for every guy. Give him his space of thinking, eating and breathing; make him feel special by your love and care, not by checking on him constantly.


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Be his best friend:

Guys like it when you listen to their worries and other various talks because that makes them open up with you like a best friend and love becomes more special when you find your best friend in your partner.


Try to bond with his friends:

Try to be a part of his friend circle by being one of them. A good girlfriend would never come in between their brotherhood and would always support him and his friends in all their deeds.


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Don't be possessive:

Don't be jealous or possessive about his actions because, for every guy, that is the biggest turn-off. Trust him and make him believe that no matter what, you have faith in him and you would love him till he loves you.


Say sorry when you should:

Never let any ego come in between, you both, say sorry when you are wrong. Not saying sorry is just making your relationship more toxic and soon, it becomes breathless because of constant nagging.


Show your love:

By this, we mean, in physical form. Give him his share of kisses and hugs, let him know that he completes you in every manner and you are lucky to have him.



Listen rather than commenting:

When he is sharing something, listen to it apart from giving your suggestions because that just increases the frustration and it ends up in the form of arguing about, how you ignore his problems. So, girls develop the habit of listening.


Make the first move:

Men always make the first move when it comes to intimacy but guys love it when it comes from you for the first time. So, put on your sexy dress and go for it.


Be less controlling:

Controlling girlfriends are a big no-no for boyfriends as they try to control their lifestyle in every possible, so, to be in good books, learn to understand and trust him in the best way possible.


Appreciate his efforts:

Be in his little surprises or his efforts of making you feel special, appreciate them and let him know that you love him for all his efforts.



Now you know girls, where you have to work to be a perfect girlfriend to the main man in your life.

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