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10 Reasons Why You Hate Going To The Gym.

Date: 2021-01-15 18:57:12

By Manveen

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GYM: A place that has helped so many people to make careers out of, give comedians more content to write about, make fitness look approachable and most importantly make our lives more miserable. Well, actually, the whole point of a gym is to be more fit and disciplined but now people just want to go there to look fit and active but deep down they would give up everything to sit in bed, binge watch as they munch on their chole-bhatura.

Here are 10 Reasons Why You Hate Going To The Gym:

1. Laziness.

The biggest factor and probably the first reason why we are unfit. We felt lazy and became unfit. But we enrolled ourselves sin to gyms but even feel lazier to go there. How do you break this never-ending cycle?


2. Lack of gym clothes.

So you basically spend money and enroll yourself in a gym. Then you also need to buy clothes which are obviously very expensive and now what is the point of going to the gym when you are not clicking enough selfies? And what should stand out in your mirror selfies? Your gym outfits. Otherwise, how will you look fake rich on Instagram?


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3. Sleeplessness.

Work and life do that to you. It does not matter what you do but it is not easy for one person to take time out for the gym. You could be a housewife struggling with children and their routine or an employee with a difficult boss, it is not easy to give up on sleep and work those muscles.


4. Why do I have to?

You do question yourself, god, and the universe all at once, every time you step on that treadmill. Why god why? Why me?


5. Because other people are thin and you get fat by rinking water

There are some people who eat like they are mental and do not even gain one inch whereas there are some of us who get fat even if we consume water. What should we do? Invent calorie-less water? Or does water even have calories? If not then why are we fat and not them?


6. Lack of motivation.

For people who have crushes in the gym to impress or somebody else you want to lose weight for, buddies you guys are sorted. You have something to look forward to, but not us. Screw life!



7. Frankly, you don't even care.

The reason you decided upon gym was because of other people and not something you really cared about. It gets annoying if people are commenting on your body but is it easy to push yourself to do something you do not care about?


8. Too many mirrors.

Then you see all that extra hair on you, extra weight, some flabs here and there, and all that eww.


9. Work & Office.

Offices practically drain you and kudos to all those people who can still manage a gym and work both. Offices that install gyms in their office are the best kind, to be honest!


10. Hobbies & Passion.

We only have 24 hours in a day and life demands us to work and operate. But there are things we love and there are things we are forced to do. Some of us have to give up on singing, reading, painting and all those activities just to go to the gym. Not fair.


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