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'Why South Delhi Girls Have Attitude', Who Said? Stop Believing Anyone And Everyone

Date: 2019-05-13 16:02:23

By Manveen


Whosoever came up with the term 'attitude' and whosoever coined to address South Delhi girls with it needs a new dictionary first. Second, South Delhi girls do live a nine to five life as most other Indians do, but what most of the masses want to believe, a new subculture has been assigned to South Delhi lifestyle.

Here are ten traits of South Delhi girls which probably most girls do, except, they just want to coin it to South Delhi to make it look like it is a legit thing:

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1. Fashion sense.

Why not Mumbai? Don't people dress up there?
Why not Bangalore? Don't people dress up there?
Or Bihar? Allahabad? Kerela?
To be honest, it is not even a girl thing anymore, grooming is a part of the lifestyle and anybody who believes otherwise is only kidding themselves.


2. Sanskar and Bar.

Yes, they do party and they do accompany their parents to the temple too? Any issues with that? Or are you suggesting that they should just sit in bars and not see the face of temples or should just visit temples and not even know what bars are?

Sounds like a question on one's upbringing to even propose such ideas.


3. Calling off bullies.

Delhi is full of roadside creeps, so if you think, fighting off a cheapskate that cannot respect a woman for being a woman or having an opinion is an attitude problem, well cool then they do have an attitude problem.


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4. "Bhaiya" (Your fake accent).

So how else are you supposed to address an autowala?
"Would you be kind sir, and bestow upon me the pleasure of driving me from point A to point B?"
Sure, the day everybody starts using English as their first language and education is provided to everybody, we will.


5. Gol gappe.

Any and every desi girl drools over gol gappe and chaat and not just girls, but boys also take competitions in gol gappa hogging so why are gol gappe being addressed as a South Delhi thing? Gol gappe are available everywhere and more popular in the U.P. than Delhi.

Stop doing our Gol Gappa accent.


6. English.

To acknowledge the fact that Delhi is capital and people from every state in India come and live there and in such a situation you need a common language to communicate. Courtesy of the British we have English and when any decent person tries to communicate in a language that every party understand who is present at a table it suddenly becomes a "South Delhi attitude."


7. Gossip.

Which one of you does not?

It is not like you have to enroll yourself in a college or a course for that first which is only found in Delhi. Open your eyes, gossip happens pan globe.



8. Party.

So if after a week of work and hustle one decides to take a night off and blow some steam then that is an attitude problem.
Okay, I can sense your great mind, see, I am judging you, another South Delhi trait? Help yourself!


9. Confidence.

So they do not shy away when presenting in front of an audience of hundred or can look in the eye and make negotiation and all this while it scares you because you are not equally confident?

"Attitude", you say, okay!


Despite all the rant on the internet, it still does not affect any South Delhi girl, want to guess why?
Because none of you have ever visited South Delhi and are only making opinions sitting inside your house with nothing else to do.

Any more traits, anyone? For god sake, live and let live.


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