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10 Reasons Why You Should Abuse On Social Media & Support Cyberbullying.

Date: 2019-10-05 18:18:10

By Abhishek

(Disclaimer: This article heading is nothing to do with TabloidXO thoughts and neither the writer. We literally do not support Bullying or Abusing or ill-mannered behavior from anybody and neither you should.)
social media abuse and cyberbullying

Facts check: In India, 77% reported being bullied online or offline, where 45% are being bullied in schools alone. Are bullying, and abusing becoming the source of entertainment? If it is the case, then I hope it will vanish soon.

"Why you should abuse on social media & support cyberbullying", we created this kind of heading not because we are promoting abuse and bullying, but because we want even the Abusers should read this article and realize what a blunder they are doing to the people mentally and physically.

1. Do you have sisters or brothers?

Because you have never realized that you have sisters or brothers at home, and maybe, at some point in time they might have faced such creeps like you. Think about how they have felt.

2. Because you are heartless:

Why would you care about the scars you are putting on someone mentally. You are doing it just to make your evil mind relax.

social media abuse and cyberbullying

3. Thanks for making that girl introvert:

The girl, who was an extrovert earlier, has now become an introvert because your shaming made her do so. Your ill-flavored thoughts are now the reason for someone's timid nature.

4. Thanks for making that guy lose his confidence:

Earlier, he was confident until he met you. Now that person does not even want to see you ever. Congrats, you made one more enemy.

social media abuse and cyberbullying

5. Wished if you had a good upbringing:

It shows your upbringing, how you are born and brought up; oops, did it pinched? Think about others, then, how it feels when your brain and mouth try to do the same with other people.

6. Karma is unknown to you, you uncool person:

You barely get scared of Karma. Your definition of being cool is bullying, abusing, being an attack dog, but just reminding you, Karma is a bit*h and might play a strong role in the future.

social media abuse and cyberbullying

7. Same behavior in your home as well?

Truly, we believe so. If you think you are not putting a bad impression of your image in front of a group of people, then, congratulations, your respect is highly at a great risk...oh sorry, did I talked about respect?

8. You don't care about anybody's freedom:

You know, because of your scourge nature, women are frightened to go out late at night, and have restricted themselves to put something on social media of their own choice, and why? Because of your inappropriate comments.

social media abuse and cyberbullying

9. You are too free to do such things:

In Desi language, we call such people "Vella". It's so difficult to understand how a person can be so free that they consider bullying as their side ONLY business.

10. You are making the world toxic:

Your dirty mind and ugly actions are making the world unbreathable. Did you ever realize how harmful your tongue is making women and men to live on this planet?

social media abuse and cyberbullying

Perhaps, above words sound strong and arrogant, but it was necessary. Why you should be the reason for someone's unhappiness? Spread smile, not hatred.

We as a society should stand united against Bullying and Abuse and take a pledge. #SwachSocialMedia, #SwachhSoch; let's do the Swachhta Abhiyaan offline and as well as online. Modi Ji will feel proud of us later.

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