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10 Reasons People Hate Delhi.

Date: 2020-09-06 18:14:43

By Manveen

Delhi, the capital of India. The seat of Mughal power and grandeur. Creator of half the internet's content. Well, Delhi does deserve the same kind of introduction as Khaleesi did in the game of Thrones. Mother of crime rates, breaker of every public rule, etc. Delhi is home to so many things and people. Some love it, some hate it. People outside Delhi also have such a strong opinion on Delhi despite the fact that they have never set foot in Delhi. Probably because all the internet talks about is Delhi this, Delhi that. It does not matter if you belong to Delhi or not, but there are things that you cannot deny, things Delhi is seen in a bad light for.

Here are 10 reasons why we hate Delhi:

1. Air Pollution.

Okay, can anybody deny this? If so, we would love to sponsor your therapy sessions. There is nobody in Delhi or outside Delhi who is okay with the quality of air in Delhi. Our skies are literally grey in colour. Blue sky, what is that? Priyanka Chopra, do you want to share your pink sky with us, please?

 delhi air pollution meme

2. Ogling & Gawking.

Every state has its own culture. Gujarat has its textiles, Rajasthan has its handicrafts, Punjab has its food, and etc. Similarly, Delhi has a very strong culture of making each and every woman, despite her age, feel very unsafe on roads. From a rickshawala to a clerk, they do their part.

hate delhi

3. Zero civic sense.

Why you must drive on the roads when footpaths are empty? Why must you act like a civilized human being when you can have everybody question the worth of human evolution?

4. Lack of good road conduct.

One thing that Delhiites cannot do is to drive in their own lanes, do not cross over road dividers, go on off-roading and not yell and swear at other people on the roads. There is literally nothing to be proud of from such behavior. It is frankly shameful.

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5. The MC's and BC's.

How can anybody mention Delhi and not mention their MC's & BC's?

hate delhi

6. "Mightier than the sword".

God knows why, but every Delhiite is of the opinion that they are better than everybody else. How so? When did Geography start deciding that? Who told you?

7. Materialistic attitude.

It need not be just Delhi but people in Delhi are very inclined towards materialistic stuff. They do not seem to value anything that comes without a label.

hate delhi

8. Knock off for everything.

Be it Gucci or Prada, Supreme or Fendi, Delhi will bring a knock off for everything. So much so that you would not even be able to tell the difference apart. Kylie has not launched in India, but people are selling it at Connaught Place, Delhi. What a wow!

hate delhi

9. The extreme weather.

Winters in Delhi are death as our summers. Monsoons are even worse. Delhi weather you suck!

10. Land Pollution.

The areas that are frequently visited by ambassadors in Delhi are so clean, but what about Old Delhi? Chandni Chowk? North Delhi? Rohini? Ghaziabad? The border at Samaypur Badli literally has a hill of garbage.

hate delhi

"Atulya Bharat Humara".


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