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10 Reasons Why 'Maa Ke Haath Ka Khana' Is The Best.

Date: 2019-03-23 12:10:12

By Manveen

Unless and until you have lived in a hostel and stayed up all night studying/ working and then there was a time when it was not possible to order food online and had to suffice with electric kettle cooked Maggi, you never realized what a blessing mothers are!

1.) Free food.


One of the reasons why we love home food is because it is free (not technically). Every time you order something and have to shell out the cash you keep a tab on how much are you spending and this is not a good feeling. Maths never was about feelings and doing this particular one is not what you like to do at all.

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2.) Your taste.


Maybe it is the fact that your acquired tastes are because of all that you have eaten all these years or the fact that your mother understands what you like and how you like it leaves no room for issues with food at all. The world restores itself again, peace has been made.

3.) The task of eating elsewhere.


If you live all by yourself, then chances are that you do realize that you skipped a meal unless and until your body starts to scream of starvation and now that your tummy has become so demanding, you set in the course of hunting food at an affordable price, less delivery charge and fast delivery online, which again is too much math and well we do have established that we do not like maths which also works as a reminder of what a blessing our mothers are.

4.) Timely meals.


When your mother is around you she knows when you last ate and knows that exactly after two hours you will be hungry, so she ensures that exactly after two hours you get food. Guess what when your mother is around you drink water too!

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5.) Special meals.


Every now and then your maa makes sure that your favourite dish is made and that you at least eat it two times. She understands that life sucks but food does not have to.

6.) Refrigerator looks beautiful.


When refrigerator looks beautiful life looks beautiful and guess who is behind all this beauty? The beauty that made you. Whilst most of us millennials ship an independent life our refrigerators say otherwise, they would rather stay at home with our mothers.Imagine just waking up in the middle of the night and finding some leftovers that your mother saved because she knew you are going to get hungry later in the night.

7.) Pan cooked versus microwaved.


Yes, we have adapted to the modern ways of the world, but microwaved food is no delight. It just is survival and survival is foremost, but every now and then you need good experiences in life and the crux of good experiences is food and who cooks the best food? Your mother and that too with all the ingredient and fresh herbs and vegetables in a pan and not ready-to-eat canned food. And just like that you also get a new hope in life, something to live for.


8.) Unlimited.


There is no limit to how much you eat and what you eat more is less when it comes to eating food at home.

9.) Importance.


The fact that somebody cares enough about you to wake up and make food for you even when you would not do it for yourself and take chances with starvation is all the magic and glitter they talk about in fairy tales.

10.) Mother, *Period*.


Last but not the least the main reason "maa ke haath ka khaana" is the best is because "maa" and you cannot reason out or justify anything else. Maa is maa and maa is very amazing.

Mamaaa... what's cooking today? #Drool


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