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10 Rakhi Gifts For Sister Which She Surely Wants From You This Raksha Bandhan.

Date: 2019-07-26 10:57:33

By Mansha

For every sister, her brother is a light in the darkest tunnel. Every situation gets calmed down when she has him beside her to protect and guide her. It is a sacred bond, which has less importance, but it has the greatest respect all around the universe.

Rakhi is a day when we all celebrate this beautiful bond with sweets and exchanging gifts. But every Rakhi gift can never be always materialistic; some involve emotions and care, which gives peace to the soul.


Sisters don't always crave for materialistic things, they need some promises to make sure her family is healthy, happy and safe all her life, so that, she never has to worry about the world, which she would be leaving behind and she has full faith in her brother for making things right.

Here are some Rakhi gifts your sister wants from you:

Take care of mom and dad:

Keep them as your priority ever. Give them time and focus on their needs, look after their health because this is the best gift you can ever gift us, as no one is as dear to us as our parents.


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Be a good husband and father:

Show affection and care towards your kids, never let any differences come between your son and daughter because that's what I have learned from you. As you never let me stop dreaming, I expect it from your daughter as well. Now, speaking of your wife, who would also be my best friend, keep her happy because if you want a guy to keep your sister happy and safe then she would also be someone else's sister. Respect her always.


Achieve heights in your life:

Work hard and take it seriously because, after a specific age, parties would fade away, friends would be busy in their lives, but if something would make you proud of yourself is, "what you have achieved". Make me proud by marking your name in the sky.


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Never leave my side:

No matter where would be I and with whom, I would always need you to motivate me and lighting up my mood. I promise I will be your princess all your life, but in return, I just need your support and care.


Help me in achieving my dreams:

There are days when something and someone holds me back to achieve my dreams, but promise me, you will always trust in my dreams and would push me to work hard so that I don't have to be dependent on someone else.


Have control on alcoholism:

I get it, you are young and love to do a party like an animal, but I feel worried when you come home all sloshed. I have always protected you from our parents, but still, it feels wrong. Promise me, you will have some control.


Never let anger empower you:

Whenever you feel angry, remember me saying, "It will only worsen the situation".


Our Sister's during Raksha Bandhan

Never play with feelings:

When you are dating someone, give your hundred percent, don't do it only for time-pass because girls are way emotional than you. Respect her feelings and love her from all your heart.



Never play a "man's" card:

I get it, you are the breadwinner and you are taking care of the house, but never let that empower you because that will only hurt the feelings of your family. Take care of our wants and provide us with best without making us realize as if you are doing a favor to us.


Promise me, you will be a good human being:

Overall, be a kind-heartened, caring and loving person. Spread love to kids and show respect to the elders, speak soft and make me a proud sister.


Promise me these things on this Rakhi and I would be the richest sister ever. This is all I need, my brother.

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