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10 Irritating Things Delhi Guys Do Which They Should Stop Doing Right Now.

Date: 2019-07-02 11:12:48

By Manveen

Almost as if there is no other topic on which any content can be generated here is another article on Delhi. Most guys do these things, but let us just round it up with Delhi and say here are ten irritating things Delhi guys do which they should stop doing right now:

1.) Body-hugging clothes.

First of all, why the hell would anybody want to wear clothes that barely let you breathe in 40 degrees and above temperature? Fashion and trends are there, but skinny jeans and skinny clothes ran out of trends long ago, so why are you so confused with all this or is it that you want to flaunt your gym membership?


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2.) Gawking at women when they campaign for women's safety.

There really is no point screaming slogans and waving banners at Jantar Mantar during the day when you are going to ogle at every girl passing by making her question her existence. You might think you are a progressive modern Indian guy, but your eyes and actions say otherwise.


3.) Entitlement.

As a Delhi boy, you think you are entitled to everything. Parking space, valet services, waiters in restaurants, have you ever paused for a minute and thought why? What have you done so far that everything should be done for you instead of doing it yourself? What are your achievements in life so far?
You are just a self entitled person and there is nobody else in the world who would validate any of your qualifications.


4.) Drunk driving.

Who cares if you kill somebody when you are drunk driving?

Who cares if you kill yourself when you are drunk driving?

Apart from your family nobody else would be sad if you kill yourself in drunk driving because of that way at least one irresponsible shithead would be less in the world.


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5.) Over smart.

You think just because you can drive a car, utter a few fancy brands and have a smartphone in your hand, you know better than everybody else in the world. Where is your Ph.D.? From where did you learn to be this brilliant?


6.) Road rage.

Again, just because of you have a car probably the one your dad paid for you, think everybody should bow down to you. Nobody should be ahead of you, you need not follow any rules and regulations and drive how so ever you want to and everybody else should just simply fall in line with your nuisance, why?

Because you entitled yourself for absolutely no reason.


7.) Thinking they know better solely because the other party is female.

Solely because the girls won't engage in road rage or won't concur to your standards of living, which by the way are valid only in your own head. Ask your mum also, she will speak otherwise as well, you think you are better than not just boys but girls because they are girls. They might score better than you in academics, have a better career, be a much more decent and civilized person, but no because you are a boy, nothing else matters.



8.) Not respecting others around.

Leave girls out on the roads, you don't respect your own mother and sister around and it is in your rude disrespectful behavior and it shows.


9.) Fighting in a nanosecond.

Just because somebody did not stop the lift for you then you have to go punch them in the face. Just because your boss told you, your work is not upto the mark, then you need to beat the life out of him. What for?


10. College, clubs & girlfriend.

Somebody really failed to tell you that there is much more in life than your Royal Enfield, Tinder dates and weekend parties.



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