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10 Extremely Weird Indian Wedding Traditions People Follow Blindly.

Date: 2020-09-02 19:57:36

By Manveen

Indian weddings are a lot of things, fun, fashion, frolic, frenzy, and what else? What else would you call them? Pretty sure, we all have our own preferred adjectives for the buzz that Indian weddings are. But have you stopped and wondered what would your traditions mean to an outsider? Every family has its own traditions; every community has its own customs. They all seem so normal to us that we do not realize that to an outsider they just might seem bizarre.

Here are some weird wedding traditions in India, which can be out ruled by some:

1.) In UP, the groom is not welcomed with the flowers and Rosewater but with tomatoes. People believe that the relationship of love starts with strangeness and unpredicted environment which will definitely get the couples good luck.

indian wedding tradition
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2.) Even when a bride enters her new house or her in-laws' house, she kicks a pot of rice. Why are we so obsessed with spilling rice dude?

indian wedding tradition
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3.) Some people believe that the mothers of the bride and groom should not attend the marriage as it brings bad luck. For a country that addresses their country as a mother, believes the mother's blessings to be the same as god's blessing, we sure do have some strange customs.

4.) Many Indian families forbid the bride to leave her house 3-4 days prior to her wedding as it results in some tragedy or another. Have you watched Kangana Ranaut's Queen? Even she believed that Vijay did not marry her because she went out but then she went out because he called her and he called to meet because he wanted to break the marriage off. Bad luck or not, fuck you Vijay!

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5.) In Sindhi families, they tear off the groom's clothes because they think it brings good luck. Does it? Let us know if it does. It works for Kardashians and Jenners as well, although they are not Sindhi.

indian wedding tradition
Source: Bollywoodshadis

6.) People from Manipur believe that a fish decides the fate of a couple's marriage. A fish supposedly addresses by evil spirits is released in the pond, if it swims together, then the marriage will work else it won't.

7.) This one is the best, in some tribal communities a bride is kept in secrecy from everybody for an entire year after her marriage. When one year is complete, every senior in the community approves of the marriage, and then she can live with her groom.

8.) If you thought people buying bathwater online was strange, then hear this one out. In some Gujarati families, the parents of the bride wash the groom's feet with milk and honey first, and then the groom has to drink the same mixture. Fun cocktails!

indian wedding tradition

9.) In Hindu-Punjabi families, the bride throws away rice as she looked in front at the time when she is leaving her parent's house to go to her new house. Lol, using the basic things in Indian culture stinks of the disproportionate gender balance. Anyway, yeah, so as she is leaving, she throws rice back. What for though? If you know, let us know in the comments.

10.) In some Tamil Brahmin family, it's compulsory for the groom to change his mind to become a Sanyaasi for a few minutes. While in the process, he is told about the importance of marriage and his role as a husband, so that he focuses more on his after married life and his would-be wife.

Weird rituals, right? But listening to such strange traditions makes us question the rule makers, why do you have the need for such insanity?


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