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10 Must Watch Patriotic Movies Of Bollywood.

Date: 2019-08-09 14:43:43

By Priyanshi

Good movies have the power to influence people. The mixer of audio and visual effects on the screen sometimes makes people sit on the edge of their seat. I feel-good movies always have a great impact on people's mind. They have the ability to make a person happy and sad at the same time, especially movies related to patriotism, Republic, the struggle India went through always touch us in ways no other movie can.

Here are 10 Patriotic movies of Bollywood which you must watch.

1. Lagaan (2001)-

A small village knowing nothing about cricket, challenge the British officials residing there to a cricket match, which if they win, they will not pay any tax to the British Raj. a movie too close to our heart to not remember on this auspicious day.

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2. Loc Kargil (2003)-

A fierce battle enrages between the Indian and Pakistani soldiers when they learn that the Pakistani troops are trying to cross the line of control. The Indian soldiers try to locate the patrol officers. We, the citizens should be aware of what went behind and this movie will give you a proper insight into it.

3. Rang De Basanti (2006)-

When a director of a film wanting to portray Indian freedom fighters in her film selects few students, she unknowingly awakens the patriotism in them making them do rebellious things for a good cause. Like no other, it shows us what patriotism means along with friendships and relations and how importantly interlinked they are.

4. Chak De India (2007)-

The coach of the Indian women's national hockey team proves his loyalty towards the nation after being portrayed as a traitor who betrayed his own country. This movie broke barriers of sexism and showed us a perspective of freedom in a different but impactful way.

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5. The Ghazi Attack (2017)-

In 1971, an Indian naval submarine was an underwater war with a Pakistani submarine and destroys its mission of harming the ins Vikrant. Struggle and planning are always hidden from the commoners, this movie is must watch to understand how we are saved every time by our saviors in times of difficulties and war.

6. Raazi (2018)-

Sehmat Khan, a mediocre girl becomes a raw agent and gets married into a Pakistani family by her father to collect some important piece of information about the plans of Pakistan destroying India. a recent but close to the heart movie that showcased us the Republic tension.

7. Uri: The surgical strike (2019)-

This movie is about the surgical strike lead by major Vihaan Singh Shergill of the Indian army against a group of terrorists who attacked a base in Uri, Kashmir in 2016. People have different views on this, watch this and make your own.

8. Mission Mangal (2019)-

This movie is based on the real-life story of the Indian space research organization's mars orbiter mission. This movie is to be released on 15th August 2019. An upcoming movie, which celebrates women scientists, more femme power and inspiration coming your way! Don't miss it.


9. Batla House (2019)-

A controversial encounter taking place in Delhi raises a lot of suspicions across the country. Batla House is a story about a soldier, a police officer, a patriot, but importantly of a dedicated husband. This movie is yet to be released on 15th August 2019.

10. Border (1997)-

120 Indian soldiers on holiday received an abrupt call to defend the border in the Longewala region while they wait for assistance from the Indian force the next morning. This movie will provoke the nostalgia of struggle hence you should watch it.

These movies will surely awaken the pride and patriotism instilled in you are your country and result in wonderful family time on the auspicious day of Republic. If you haven't yet watched them, you should.


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