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10 Most Hilarious Things Punjabis Are Famous For.

Date: 2021-03-06 10:21:49

By Srishti

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Laughter and Punjabis are two things that go hand in hand. Punjabis are known all around the world for their lively and colourful culture. But certain things that stand out in their culture itself make them not just the liveliest but also the most hilarious people.

Here are the 10 most hilarious things Punjabis do:

1. They are loud and they know it:

The Punjabis are known for their vocal skills. They will make sure that they are the loudest person present in the room.


2. Saanu Ki?

A tough life situation is in front of you, but you can bypass it, how? Just work it out by saying "Saanu Ki?" Trust me it works wonders!


3. Funny pronunciation of words:

Bullt (Bullet), Kanayda (Canada), Amrika (America). Not just funny pronunciation of words, they even like to repeat their words while talking; party-sharty, dinner-shinner.


4. Jappian and Pappian:

Their meet and greets are not over till they are done with their jappian te pappian.


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5. Butter chicken and a Patiala Peg:

How can their day be complete until they have had 3-4 Patiala pegs and had butter chicken te naan for dinner.


6. Preet, Meet, Jeet:

They have the easiest way of naming their children, just join Preet, Meet, Jeet, or Geet to the end of the name you want.

7. Punjabiyaan di battery charged rehnde hai:

They are full of energy 24*7. They can make a room come to life by just being present in it.


8. The concept of showing love by hitting:

Punjabis have a unique way of showing love towards you by slapping you, throwing abuses at you, then hugging you the next moment. So don't get anxious if you have a Punjabi friend.


9. They can't complete a sentence without adding an abuse:

Every sentence they end has to end with an abuse otherwise how will their life work.


10. Big fat Punjabi Wedding:

If you have attended a Punjabi wedding, then you have been a part of the most over-top wedding celebration you will ever see.


From their funny nature to make you feel at home instantly when you visit their place. Punjabis are the most welcoming and warmest people to be associated with. Punjabiyan di Shaan he vakhri hoti hai. They can make you laugh in a split of seconds and make every serious situation a joke. Popuarly known for their Patiala pegs to over the top Punjabi songs, they know how to live their life to the fullest. If you are a Punjabi, be proud of it because this culture is like no other. It's rightly been said by the Punjabis, "Saade naal rahoge te, aish karoge!"

If you still aren't associated with Punjabis, you should be because when you do, your life will change.


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