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10 Excuses You Can Use If You Want To Ignore A Guy.

Date: 2019-06-16 11:36:10

By Priyanshi

The hardest thing in almost all of our lives is to ignore someone that you like or you don't like. You need to expertise in the field of ignorance as it is not that easy you need talent for this. As we know everyone out there has ignored someone in their life before. What is ignorance and why to do that? Ignorance is to not notice or just move out if you are with someone or just stay away from someone intentionally. People try to ignore someone if he/she is not fond of him/her or they like someone considerably so people often ignore someone.

So let's expertise in ignoring by the following ways-:

1. Just avoid eye contact-

As we know, if you make eye contact with someone you just need to talk to the guy. So avoid eye contact.


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2. Start talking and flirting with other guys -

When you want him to notice more and want to stay together do this so he will get irritated and jealous and come to you.


3. Talk less and observe more-

Talk less with that guy and try to observe him and try to be attentive. You wait for him to start a conversation and try to approach you and you need to ignore him till that time.


4. Be stubborn-

You need to stay with your decision and not change it whenever you want and you need to give him space, but at the same time let him know that you are busy.


5. Stay away from him-

Don't reply to him when he messages you through various social media apps.


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6. Don't overreact-

Do not overreact as it can lead to a breakup or can disrupt your relation. So be normal and don't overreact to any types of situation.


7. Give hints-

As more ignorance can cause him to think that he doesn't have any scope or can't do anything so he will stop trying and never approach to you so, don't be that ignorant.


8. Do not get over excited-

Do not answer them every time and try to not answer the calls every time and don't reply to all the texts.



9. Mutual friends-

Never attend all social gatherings or meetings with mutual friends as he will be present over there. So for sometime don't attend all gatherings.


10. Emotions-

Never show your emotions to him so quickly as he can get to know what's going over you so try to avoid showing your emotions to him.


So I hope this can help you and you can ignore a guy you want and this can expertise you in the field of ignorance and you can master into it.


The above points should be followed just for few days, don't ignore him so much ladies, because that can lead to failure of the relationship. As we know the price paid for more ignorance really hurts, so I suggest you not to ignore for a longer time and solve your issues.


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