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10 Struggles Of Dieting Every Indian Food Lover Goes Through

Date: 2019-04-03 16:07:36

By Mansha

Tip to reduce weight:

Turn your head from right to left and left to right, whenever food comes towards you...

Easy then being done. Isn't it? We know, every food lover goes through a difficult time while deciding to go on a dieting mode but it is a struggle to walk on that road. It is a struggle to say no to all the food items that give immense pleasure and foodgasm, there is nothing more important than your favorite meals but then your body gives you the signal of, "eat or die". That's when you have to take the difficult decision of going to a dieting mode.

Struggles that every food lover goes through while dieting:

Lack of willpower:

All the food lovers can't control the feeling of having that meal which is placed in front of them and it becomes hard to control an urge of taking at least one bite of it, which eventually ends up having the full plate.


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The party becomes hard to attend:

What's the party means without food and when a food lover is restricted for having food then it becomes difficult to breathe in the air where everything smells of delicious food items.


Alcohol consumption reduces:

As food consumption reduces, alcohol consumption reduces automatically and it makes the person more lethargic and irritated.


They don't feel like going out:

As they can't eat anything, they don't feel like stepping somewhere out in a lounge or a restaurant because it makes them remember their good old days. So, they decide to lock themselves up in their house until they reach their target weight.


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No food rule:

They warn their family members constantly about making good food in front of them and when they do for some guests or other family members, they end up having it too and regretting it later.


Desserts make them cry:

Who doesn't like "mitha"? But food lovers love them little more than normal food people. For them desserts are their weakness and when in dieting they cry and crave for it and sometimes they break the diet too.


They snatch it sometimes:

When they can't control their urge to have it, they try to snatch food from other's plate and those others are kids only most of the times like nieces, nephews and sometimes-random kids too.



They become nap queens or kings:

Because that's the only time when they don't feel hungry. They take a quick nap when they feel to have something with cheese, chocolates, pizza or any other tasty, delicious food items.


They feel weak but they aren't:

Food lovers think most of the times that they would faint because of no food (junk food) but they aren't weak. They are having healthy food that is keeping them good and healthy. It is just about psychological thing...


They fight with their mind and heart:

They literally stop and scold their souls whenever they feel to have something that can make them fat and they fight with their minds and hears almost every day.


Way to go food lovers!!! You are doing well, just keep patience and try to hold up till you reach your target weight.
We wish you all the very best!


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