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According To Desi Encyclopedia, Here Are 10 Desi Ways That Can Help You Save Money!

Date: 2019-03-27 14:30:53

By Priyanshi

All of us, at some point in our lives have tried to do stuff that could save us a penny because let's face it, we are broke almost every two days. At such times, we all become strategic planners in our lives cracking our heads to do the greatest good to somebody else. Doing stuff the Desi way is the shiz,

So here are 10 ways you can save your money.

1. Saving newspapers.

If there's a newspaper or two coming at your place, I'm sure either your mom or dad has saved all of them in a separate drawer so that at the end of the month, they can go to sell them and get some bucks out of it. What an effortless way to keep the money intact.


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2. Asking your friend to pick you up.

If you're running low on money and if you have a friend who can come pick you up or drop you off somewhere, then that's the best way to save travelling cost because in metropolitan cities, that cost is huge. Don't end up asking too much favor, they might just can on you then.


3. Making gifts instead of buying.

Brag about how you made that beautiful present for your friend on their birthday instead of mainstream gifts who people buy and gift. Plus, you're saving some pretty good money by making it from products available at home. Remember, friends appreciate hand-made gifts more.


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4. Living at a friend's place in the name of chilling with them.

If you're living on your own, a lot of times you might go over and say at your friend's place because let's be honest, we all have bills to pay and sometimes we screw that money away. So just find a place to be in and you're good to go for a couple of days.


5. Appreciating a friend's cooking to save your daily takeaway expenses.

When it's that time of the month and you are saving money till it gets over, you start thinking of alternatives smartly. One of that is, appreciating a friend their cooking so that they cook for you and woohoo look who's money is saved! Win-win.


6. For heaven's sake, quit smoking.

Lol, thought you can't do that, it's still here because your habit is not only deadly, but f*cking expensive, so just stop and you'll be surprised on how much you're saving. It's A LOT. But I mean, we all know you can't.



7. Netflix (on mobile) and chill the whole weekend with lights off.

You are saving electricity AND having fun. No more costs and no more loss. Just stock a lot of Maa Ke Haath food so that you don't have to stop binge watching.


8. Borrow books and music from friends.

Instead of buying stuff like book and music, use the internet to download or ask a friend if they have it. This way you'll be saving money and space.


9. Compliment that dress of your friend, and it's yours for a day.

If you have a close friend who you can exchange clothes with, do it. Compliment them and their dressing style and subtly ask them if you can wear it for one night. No friend will deny that over a genuine appreciation.



10. Growing your own vegetables.

Did your parents just one day decide to create a vegetable garden of your own for an excuse of eating healthy stuff? I think that's a parents' thing now. A perfect excuse to save money and have an active lifestyle.


While there is no formula for it, we all try and do something to help save some money that we can probably use after we are loaded again! Here's to all that Desiness that comes out only when you're broke.

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