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10 Awkward Things That Happen Only With Girls.

Date: 2021-01-24 16:34:49

By Ratika

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We do not know how many times we can say it to stress over the brevity of the fact but being a girl is not easy. Okay, we note your point too. Maybe being a guy is no piece of cake either but would you rather be a girl or boy? If you ask girls also even they would say they would rather be boys given a choice. Life is much simpler for guys. If guys have ten problems, then just add five more problems to it, two more unsaid issues, three previous grudges, and a whole bucket of regrets and bitterness. What's more? The awkward personality just adds more to it. Even the daintiest females have gone through all this.

Here are 10 awkward things that happen only to girls:

1. Worrying about body hair.

Women spend half their time worrying about their body hair and the pain of getting them removed. The other half that they have, they spend it worrying about the new growth that will come once they get it removed. Sigh. In between all this simultaneously they worry about if other people notice their body hair as much as they do themselves.


2. Facial hair, why you exist?

Body hair is one thing but facial hair is another level of difficulty altogether. The awkwardness of picking up the right shade of lipstick that would not drive attention to your hair's upper lip is too real to be described.

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3. White translucent clothes and the horror.

If you are born in India then you know what we are talking about. Especially in summers!
Wearing white clothes gives you this sense of coolness in summers but meanwhile, due to the heat, you sweat so much that the fabric becomes translucent. This is a genuine issue but everybody around you thinks that you are not of a good character but if only they knew so you spend the entire day slouching and trying to cover it.

awkward things

4. Cotton clothes and sweat.

Not just white but cotton clothes also have the same issue with them. Cotton is the best fabric for summers but guesses what it sticks to you in summers as well and the same horror story follows. But can you name a better fabric option for Indian summers than cotton?

5. Abrupt hair growth.

It's like there is hair on your arms, your legs but not in the same ratio so you cannot even go get it waxed. If part of the body outgrows other than the parlour aunty judges you for that, like yes it is our fault. We control it no?
What is even worse? You will grow hair everywhere except your head.



6. Fake politeness and the epic fail.

Diplomacy is a task that not everybody can master. In girls kingdom, life is much-complicated every day. Putting up with people you hate is another level of difficulty that Roadies should include in their tasks. Have you ever seen how badly girls fail to acknowledge the girls they hate? It is almost embarrassing.

7. The awkward high heel walk.

All or at least most girls love wearing heels or have an admiration for the ones who sway around the halls in heels but when they try it themselves, omg the epic fail! It is difficult choosing between love and comfort.


8. Tight clothes are love but love kills you too.

The same is the case with tight skinny clothes and how uncomfortable they are. Often we pick the tight clothes and struggle to carry ourselves in them and hope that nobody notices our awkwardness.

9. Bra straps. Period.

Like you are just sitting casually and chilling and randomly your bra strap pops out and some aunty or the other judges you for it? What a wow!

10. Clumsy just like that.

All girls fidget and are clumsy and struggle with a lot of stuff in their hands. Walking from point A to point B becomes a task sometimes.



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