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8 Things Guys & Girls Should Do After Lockdown Ends.

Date: 2020-04-25 17:06:14

By Manveen

after lockdown

We are here, running out of ideas with what to do to entertain ourselves. While we struggle to entertain ourselves, some of them struggle to survive. Yes, going to drop the reminder every now and then so that we remain thankful for what we have.

Regardless, here are 8 things guys & girls should do once the lockdown ends:

1.) Hit that salon, guys, and girls!

Some of us, need the salon services very badly. But patience is a virtue, hold on. We will get the care and pampering someday soon. Aren't you not following are DIY tips and tricks?

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2.) Not cancel any plans.

We are all saying this right now, but do you have any idea how lazy, we will come out of this? Let us hope, we cancel some plans initially and maintain social distancing guidelines. Once the world is back to normal, we can do as we please.


3.) Meet family.

Some of you have had to stay away from your parents due to distance and several reasons. If possible and if it is safe for you to travel, please go stay with them for a while.

4.) Please do not take a trip.

The aviation industry has suffered, hospitality is going through losses and tourism is messed up all over the world. But listen, your wanderlust can wait for some more time. That is of course if you are not willing to risk your health at the cost f some adventure.


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5.) Please, Please, do not overpopulate public areas.

All of us are eagerly waiting for the lockdown to end, but if everybody bombards every public place, then the chances for a community spread still remain. Let us just skip that for some more time, please? Let us stay a little aloof and inside our homes.

6.) Use your learning.

You learned to cook, you learned to clean. Ask yourself, do you really need Zomato that bad? Now you understand how much your servant has to work on a daily basis to earn that much. Internationally, servants are paid much higher and in India, we give them peanuts for a salary. Just reconsider everything that was happening till now.



7.) If you can afford to, please prefer to shop locally.

Several weavers are going to become jobless and many tailors will be forced to work extra for a lesser wage. Fashion 7 apparel industry has suffered severely as pre-production equipments are sourced from China and trade suffered there. The goods created in India are not able to reach or were canceled by international buyers. It is going to be difficult for us all, let us help stay with each other afloat.

8.) Let us all do something about animals right collectively, yes, pleas


Now that we have known what isolation is, we can understand the plight of animals much clearly. Truth being told, ours is not half as bad as theirs. We still had a social connection via phones and social media. They do not even have that. Maybe we cannot change everything but perhaps we can try. Animals should not be put in zoos, reserve parks are a different concept but zoos are pure business. They are voiceless, can't we all be their voice?



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