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Yes We Broke Up Early, But That Does Not Mean We Were Not In Love

Date: 2018-01-07 16:33:14

By Erica


If It Is Love, It is Love

Teenagers have hearts that break easily. Those same hearts love with passion and sincerity. Not all hearts play the game of love for the fun of it. Some actually want to win it.
But with people on either side all set with their tape recorders in hand, their finger hovering over the play button and start commentaries when a break up happens.
We generally assume that the couple was faking it, weren't in love, too dramatic to stay in love, too young for love and the ultimate one-too afraid to commit to each other.

But sometimes we can be wrong. Sometimes love stories end pretty early. The flight is cancelled even before it had a chance to take off. This could be a good thing or a bad. But the point, not all love stories are rubbish. Not all love stories are perfect and not all love stories are complete. What matters the most is LOVE.

This is a letter from the a girl, tired of the world deciding if her relationship was a real one or not.

Dear World,

What is a real relationship according to your terms? Is it buying flowers every day? Is it posting cute pictures online and tagging them 'candid'? Is it staying together till the end of time?
It might be, according to your expertise in nothing but being judgemental. But I believe differently.


We loved me each other so much, we knew when to let go. Just because we dated for a while too short to pass your test of real or fake relationship, doesn't mean it wasn't real to us. We loved each other so much and that's why showed each other off wherever we went. Now you laugh because just yesterday he and I were making valentine's day plans and today I am alone. But, I have the best memories in my mind and you have no control over them.

He appreciated every single thing I did. He encouraged me to pursue my dreams and not what others made me dream. He would sing to me sometimes when I wouldn't talk to him and he would buy me those tiny cupcakes to make me smile. Or maybe to make me fat so that he had more of me to hug. I'll never know but those reasons are believable.

You didn't see how nice he was. He draped his jacket around my shoulders to keep me warm and when I told him that was unnecessary, I was fine, he took it back to trouble me. You didn't see the way he held my hand when I was too scared to cross the road. You didn't see how he glared at men who scanned my body when we were out to dinner. You only remember seeing him plant kisses on my lips any time of the day and nothing more. You titled him-not worth it but perfect for her. Why? Because I welcomed those kisses. I didn't care who looked.


That's how he made me feel. Not forced or slutty. But confident and proud about being in love.

We broke up. So what? Relationships break. Plates break. Tea cups break. Do you cry over crockery? Tomorrow I might fall for another guy, is that wrong? It doesn't mean I was never in love with him, it doesn't mean I have fallen out of love with him. It means, I have moved on from a relationship that did not have a future. You did not see how I worried when he was out late night partying or group studying. You did not see how I dragged him by his collar to the doctor when he was sick. You did not see the snaps I stuck on his wall so that he woke up to happy memories. You did not see the love we had for each other when we understood each other, when we waited up for each other a day before something big like preparing for an entrance exam, an interview. All you saw was the light on and assumed something was going on at night. When he stayed over or I stayed over, you assumed. You didn't think we wanted to watch a movie and eat pizza all day, you didn't think it was love when we squealed in excitement, cried in happiness and yelled because we cared.


It was, is and will be love.

For whatever reason the relationship ended, it is not your business to know. But next time don't say it was a short lived relationship, it was definitely time-pass. It was not. You don't know how love works if you believe it should last until death and after.
We fall in love everyday. We fall in love with flowers which bloom and die, with TV actors who appear in one or ten movies and then go whoosh! We fall in love with food which you know what happens to when we eat. We fall in love with songs and singers. We fall in words which give us life even when they don't have one. We fall in love every second.

Don't ever think a long term relationship is what every couple needs. Nobody needs a relationship. Everyone needs love.


With Love,
The Couple You Judge-d. 

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