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10 Talks Which Are Necessary To Have With Your Boyfriend

Date: 2018-04-10 10:12:19

By Erica

"When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable."
- Jess C. Scott

Most of all, you feel surrounded by love at all times. If anyone ever asked me what is the one thing a relationship needs to survive the rough waters and harsh wind? I would say : Talking. Not love, care, honesty and half a screen captions. When you talk, words say what actions can't. Always and forever, remember love birds to talk to your partner. Don't bother what he will say and what will he think for you because you brought up something really silly. His heart is yours, and yours is his. But neither of you are mind readers.

Presenting to you things every girl should talk about with her boyfriend.

1. Is he happy?

Just because he smiles and buys you flowers doesn't mean you assume he is happy in the relationship. Sometimes, one might fall out of love. Sometimes, you got to rebuild a relationship from scratch. Talk to your boyfriend. Don't be afraid to ask him if he is happy, it will only show how much you care about the way he feels.

2. Where does he see himself in 5 -10 years?

A man has to have an ambition. He must have dreams he wants to achieve and believe that he can make it. you don't want a man who depends on you for a living and sits at home staring out the window. Ask him where he sees himself? Is he working towards it? Motivate him. Make him feel confident.

3. Are you a part of the future he has planned for himself?

It doesn't have to always be a replica of a Bollywood love story, remember that. You might be a huge part of his today, but he doesn't count you in when he thinks about his future. Is that wrong? Maybe. Maybe not. This is why you need to talk about it. if you both are comfortable with unpredictable futures and living for the day, that's cool. A mutual understanding is important.

4. You are bothered about the close bond he shares with his best friend

'Every girl needs a boy best friend and so does every boy need a girl best friend.'
But when there is a girlfriend in the picture jealousy, insecurity and doubt are sure to surface. If you let your over thinking control you, you will lose a perfect relationship.

5. Will his parents' decision be the final decision?

It is necessary to discuss this. If you are teens, that's alright. Your parents will not approve of your relationship because you are 'too young' and 'careless'. But girls, if you are in your late 20's it is probably a good idea to ask your partner what happens if he parents don't approve of your relationship? Will he leave? Will their decision be the final decision or will he fight till there is no hope left?

6. If ambition comes before everything else

What happens if you choose your ambition, a promotion over your relationship? Will the both of you be understanding it or part ways? This might sound extreme, but sometimes you need to be prepared for conversations like these.

7. Make time for other things

Don't make time for each other. You are each other's first priority. Make everything else, your second. Ask about his day. Listen when he talks. Don't push too hard if he doesn't feel like talking. But, don't think you are the only one with stories to share.

8. What has he been up to?

You might not notice because you both spend so much time together, but ask him if he has been up to anything new. You become so used to having each other around, changes might go unnoticed.

9. Why you get possessive about him

Insecurities ruin a lot of love stories. Try to overcome them. You have to tell a man why you are upset with him or angry at him. They don't get hints. You can't expect him to just understand that you get jealous when he doesn't spend enough time with you but with his friends and you. How will he know he always wants to be in his arms when you walk around? How will he know you hate it when he talks to other girls for longer than a minute? Talking about with him is your best option.

10. Reliving memories

You might think this is that important. You are wrong. When you relive memories, look at old photos together, visit the first cafe you went to. Watch silly videos you made. You don't do these things with an intention to figure out if the love you once had is fading. You do this to remind yourself that everything is okay and you've been through so much, you can get through anything. Together.

Getting into relationships is as easy as making toast. But staying in one is tough. Couples have to understand that the key ingredient in a relationship other than complimenting your girlfriend every day is talking. If you won't communicate even the littlest of things, they might transform into a snowball and hit you hard one day. You won't know where it came from!

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