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After 26 Long Years, Vikas Khanna Finally Meets The Muslim Family Who Helped Him In 1992 Mumbai Riots

Date: 2018-06-14 13:54:24

By Abhishek

After a long wait of 26 years, finally, Vikas Khanna has found the Muslim family who saved his life by calling him their son to the mob during the violent riots of 1992 in Mumbai.

On 11th June, Vikas Khanna shared his happiness with all of us and tweeted about the family,

It was a time when Vikas Khanna was training in Hotel Sheraton Sea Rock, Mumbai. While he was working, he heard from people that there are riots which took over Mumbai and it is very risky to go out in this harsh situation. Even, the staff was stopped to go out as there was the guest in the hotel which they have to take care of, as the next shift can't come because of curfews and riots!

When he heard about the fire in Ghatkopar and unfortunately his brother used to live in Ghatkopar, he immediately pulls off his uniform and started running towards the area to check out his brother.

As he was searching for his brother, one Muslim family asked him what he is looking for and they immediately took him inside as few of the mobs have seen him outside the house.

The mob came to the house and enquired about Vikas Khanna, to which the father replied that he is his son and then the mob left. For 2 days Vikas Khanna lived in their home and not just this, one of the family members moves out of the house and searched for his missing brother, after some time he came back with a good news about his brother which made Vikas Khanna relax.

Since then to till date, In respect of the Muslim family, Every year during Ramzan Vikas Khanna keeps a one day of fast.

Such an emotional real-life story!!

And it's because of these kind gestures by us, humans, Our faith in humanity keeps on growing and it will always be moving upwards.

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