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There are two type of people in this world!!The one who has watched Game of Thrones and the OTHER ONE Are

Date:2017-11-26 12:57:38

By Danish Jaffery

At the first place, there's no point denying that there does exist this huge hype about Game of Thrones in the market. There are always two kinds of people, one who are a fan of GoT and other who haven't watched GoT. And with due course of time it has been 'memefied' that both of these categories are considerably annoying to each other.

We talked to both of these kinds and guess what! We discovered some new kinds as well. I present here some of the best answers given by people when asked why or why not do they watch Game of Thrones!

Why Don't People

1.Because everybody else does!

It's not a big deal. Idk why people keep talking about it! Seriously! I have other tasks to do and I like being unique!

And why this question for GoT only? Talk of something else too! There's a world out there!

2.Eeee Baba! Too much violence.


No no no... I don't hate the show... I just don't like violence. They murder people so brutally. And they murder all the good characters. I don't like it! No

3.It's almost p---!


It is gross. I mean just to make the show better you show people naked and you show them having s--! Come on! Have some dignity!

I can't even sit with my kids and watch it...

4.I might get addicted to it!


Almost all my friends are die-hard fans of GoT and I've seen them spending so much time on it. In my present schedule I can't even think of going for it.

I may watch... Someday...

5.That's not even close to reality!


It's like you have dragons and a girl who calls herself their mom. There are dead people walking in ice storms! People see things in fire! A guy can control other animals with his eyes and just to make it real, can travel in time!

I mean! Where do you bring all this shit from?

6.I don't get it!


I like simple things and a simple life. The way my friends keep talking about it really pisses me off. Damn! If you have to put this much brain in contemplating a single episode why do you even watch it!

7.I'll read the novels instead


I'm into literature and I love reading novels. And the books are really intense and vivid. I've read 3 parts already and I'd better read it than watch it. It's more detailed and evocative

Why Do People

8.It's the most amazing thing that can come on a TV screen!


Man! I'm a huge HUGE fan! I mean, for that whole hour, more or less, I can't even think of anything else existing on this planet. It is soooooo intense and thrilling!

9.Because I love the politics they show!


I love the games they play and all the brain put behind making all those things happen. It really amazes me to think of one single person having written down all those conspiracies and policies for several kingdoms and the way their dooms are connected.

10.I love how raw it is!


People may call it violent or p***!

Yeah, as if they were born out of a virgin's blood in a lotus. It's just raw! They portray things the way they are without sugarcoating it. That itself is a thrill to me!

11.The plot! I can talk about it for hours!


There are numerous times when it comes up in our conversations and there's nothing else that can make a conversation better than the plot, the characters, the hidden signs, the history and every damn thing of this greatest TV series ever made! I can talk of it for hours!

12.I love the characters


They are stupendous. Every single character has been made so brilliantly that it makes the show even greater. It is really hard to pick a favorite. There's no cliche that there'd be a hero and a villain. You never know whom you'd start liking and whom you'd start hating!

13.Because my boyfriend made me to!

And I do not regret listening to him. Day and night the one thing he wanted me to do more than anything else(ahem) was to watch this show. And I'do say this to all girls, this is definitely a better option than the later one.



Talk of every single thing the show is about and I bet, you will find no other match even lingering closer to it. It is as Grand as a anything could be!

Take the plot, the characters, the theories, the links, the drama, action, thrill, romance! Damn it! It's Grand!

So, this is not new to meet a fan out there who keeps saying the same thing over and again. I too fall in the same category.

No Seriously! Why haven't you watched it yet?

Zabbardast cheez hai!!

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