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Yes We all love our birthday and So do I!! Happy Birthday :)

Date:2017-11-26 12:57:38

By Danish Jaffery


No, This isn't like just another day. You wait for it until this planet makes another revolution around a star! The star you saw first on this day! This is what makes it BIG!

How do you celebrate it?

This may go the regular way yet it's not what you do the rest 364 days of the year. This day is indeed special and no matter what, those will ever be your day to cherish! And if you ever lack reasons, take a look below!

Gifts! Gifts! Gifts!


Can there BE anything that makes me happier!!!

That moment when you're unwrapping those gifts, I tell you, It's once in a millennium bliss!

And man, I never really had the patience to carefully work on each fold!

Tear it apart! What are you waiting for!

For the 12 am calls!

This be the yayy moment!

When at one place you're being banged by your gang, there the number of calls lined up in waiting just to wish you really made it up equal equal!

Those 12 am people are THE MOST special people of your life. Don't let'em go. Ever.

Blow the candle!

birthday candles

Well, until I turn 30 I'm gonna enjoy blowing the candles!

And that birthday song that follows. God knows how much I'm gonna wait for it for like a whole other year!

Getting a new dress

birthday party

Does there have to be an occasion to put on a new dress? NO

But when it's your birthday then go wooohooo!

Put on your favorite dress that you've been waiting to buy for months and there you go flaunty fellow!

Good food!

birthday dress

The one thing that can even make funerals a reason to attend!

Then what does it do to people on Birthdays!!!

So many delicious dishes all at once! Ever been luckier?

Get to know who loves me!

birthday dress

You cannot pick any random day to go out asking people how much you matter to them.

And so, God made this day when people would do it themselves you'd just go giggling all day!

I love cakes!

birthday dress

Desserts make up any moments sweeter and talk of those cream loaded cakes!

Aww… already got my mouth wet!

Someone! Bring me a cake!

Hanging out with friends

birthday dress

These might be a few things that you do all year, but all of them at once really makes the day special!

Catching up with your friends, and this time, with their efforts is one thing you've got to love!

Get unexpected wishes!

birthday dress

People close to you definitely make your day better with all those wishes but what makes it the best are those unexpected people popping up with the sweetest of wishes.

And you never get to know how much love you've earned!


birthday dress

Yeah hun! I get it. There doesn't have to be a special day to click pictures but birthdays carry a different crown and you have to accept it. Those crazy pics with cream lathered faces, the bhaichara and behenchara make it all worth to look years after they've been clicked!

So, do you need any more reasons to wait more for your next birthday?

It's your day buddy! If not for the world, make it special for yourself. Make yourself happy!

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