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Girls, Do These Things In Your 20's To Have A Better 30's

Date: 2018-04-18 13:33:17

By Erica

To every 20s girl out there dreading her 30s, I've got some good piece of advice. 24 things you should keep in mind to have an awesome blossom 30s.

1. Focus on what's important.

There will be lists of things to do. But what matters most are those that demand your focus.

2. Don't drown the world out

It is necessary to get out of your comfort zone and explore the world around you. Shutting people, events and experiences out will make you regret it big time in the future.

3. Boys will come and go

Don't cry over heartbreaks. Don't think there was only one prince charming and you let him slip away. Boys will come and go. But your chance to make the best out of today might not come every day.

4. Don't let a guy tie you down

The first piece of advice every mother gives her daughter when she grows up is: not to get tied down by another man. Don't let him pull the strings. You are not his puppet doll. You are not his play toy.

5. Get to know people

Make good connections. Build a good network of people you can access for work and social purposes.

6. Don't go out of your way to be nice.

Being way too nice will make people trample down on you.

7. Make quality, not quantity friends.

Everyone wants a huge gang of friends who own the cafeteria. But it is better to have friends who will stand by you when you are broke, rather than friends who dress in bling and pose for a fake candid just because good looks matter them and money.

8. Don't put your life on hold for others

You come first. Always say that to yourself. Make it your mantra.

9. Don't be afraid to speak up

The longer you keep your voice shut in, the weaker you'll become. The weaker you become, the more people think they have a hold on you.

10. Learn to adjust with others. Starting with a roommate

Staying with strangers, you give you a feel of the outside world. They will tough to handle. Best friends for life. A barking stray dog might seem more compatible than your roommate, but that's how you learn how to adjust.

11. Don't be afraid to try something new

It might kill you, so what? A regret of not doing things you always wanted to is worse than anything else in the world.

12. If you find someone who loves you truly, keep'em.

True love is hard to find. Don't give up on people who love you. You need them. They are not only your personal cheerleaders but the human size teddy bears you need in your life.

13. Don't think you don't have enough time

The more you stress, the lesser you think. You can't complain there isn't enough time to do and that. You can't outrun the ticking clock. But you can make the best of the minutes on your watch.

14. Think of hard work today for a vacation tomorrow

Working harder than the friends who party all night, you ensure you a lifetime of relaxation and partying.

15. Don't become a spendthrift

Just because you are earning, it doesn't mean you have to go around spending

16. There is nothing wrong with saving

Don't become a cheap skate. Learn to save a little every day.

17. Don't think about marriage

Build a future for yourself. fulfill your dreams. Don't get stuck fulfilling wife-y duties.

18. Unless you really want marriage

If you really want it and not only because you are being pressurized, then go ahead and get out of Single-ville.

19. Don't take orders

You are nobody's servant. Don't let people treat you like one.

20. Give the orders

You are born to be a boss. That's your new mantra.

21. You can't be prepared for heartbreak and hurt.

You can never be prepared for such kinds of things. They are a part of life.

22. Emerge stronger from everything that threatens to tear you down

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger - Kelly Clarkson. Listen to the song for inspiration.

23. Don't think you are a coward if you want to cry on someone's shoulder

Crying isn't a sign of weakness. It is a sign of emotion and that you are capable to feel.

24. Don't hold hurt and pain inside. Release it all

Keeping anger, sadness, stress and all other emotions bottled up inside is not good for health. let it go.

People say learn from other's mistakes. But I think you should make your own. That way, you get hands-on experience.

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