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11 Annoying Things Every Indian IPhone Users Do. Like, This Is Not A Phone, This Is An IPhone

Date: 2018-04-20 19:07:06

By Abhishek

iPhone has always been on the bucket list for many of us. Our friends who have bought it cannot spare a teeny weeny second to make their iPhone noticed. Sometimes I feel, they should go in the marketing field job because they know how to flash their product to grab the eyes of people around them.

And here are certain moments which makes them different from other mobile users:

1. Bro do you know mah iPhone has retina scanner, not like other mobiles where you have to type your passwords. I tell you it is so easy and you know what it has got many features unlike your Dabba phone.

2. And the most foolish thing they do is, choosing the most tawdry cover which looks really rubbish on iPhone. If the Apple Co. see these covers, even they will disown their iPhones.

3. Even if they choose a better-looking cover, they will make sure the back of the cover has a hole to flaunt their Apple symbol.

4. They don't mind if they do not get the best shot of their face while clicking, Lekin IPhone Ka Symbol Photo Mein Zaroor Hona Chahiye.

5. Apparently, they see Android phones as if they have seen an alien device on the earth.

6. And you dare not even touch their iPhone because it's their baby.
Araam Se Rakhio Yar Isko, IPhone Hai Ye Mera

7. iPhone user meet iPhone user = the lost child meeting after ages. There bonding is like fevikwik.

8. And here comes the most irk part, they name their iPhone.

Hey!! I bought my new sweetie!! Here sweetie is iPhone.
You know what? my oreo wakes up when I stare at him(retina scan magic).

9. You talk about politics, you talk about sports, you talk about TabloidXO, they will fit their iPhone features in between it.

10. Yar Tera Phone Hang Nai Hota??
iPhones users are like - First of all it's not a phone, it's an iPhone and secondly, iPhones do not hang.

11.They hold their iPhone like this(to show off), and what they get is this:

iPhones users know how to roll it to the public. If you have not bought an Apple iPhone then you definitely can buy an Apple.

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