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Things Girls Can Do Once They Are Of The Legal Age(18 Above.)

Date: 2018-03-13 14:45:56

By Erica

I dream. Everyone dreams. Girls dream, dream, dream. Right? We dream to drive a Porsche some day on the pot hole - filled-roads of India. When I was 16, I couldn't wait to celebrate my 18th birthday. People made such a huge deal about the 16th, but mine was okay. Nobody saw it like it was a great event that will go down in books of history. My 18th was good too. Better, I don't know. I don't remember.

What I'm going at her is that, I had a list of things I wanted to do once I was of the legal age. All girls have lists like these right?

If I missed out on something you plan on doing or planned o doing when you turn/turned 18, share!

1. Proudly say, "I am an adult"


Yes, you are still a teen but that doesn't stop you from being an adult.

2. Go on trips


After calling herself an adult, she is treated like one. With responsibility and trust that she can be safe on her own

3. Watch adult movies


Now that she is 18, nobody can card her and it won't feel like a crime either!

4. Hello online dating


Although many girls do it an early age, she can now responsibly join online dating sites and explore a new world

5. Get a license!


Freedom to drive around and nobody can stop her. She's got age on her side

6. Freedom from uniforms


Nobody to stop her and no school cabinet to give remarks. She can handle the 'Colony Wali Auntiyan'.

7. Bunk maarna


In school, teachers would find us, parents would be informed immediately. "College Mein Dost Sabhal Lenge Na". When it comes to bunking, no tension

8. Bye bye making notes


Yes, some of us still have the habit of making notes, but at least it's not strict and compulsory.

9. Applying for the weirdest classes and courses


Does designing spoons sound good? Wine tasting as a hobby? Course in Zombie studies or how to watch t.v., yes these courses exist!

10. Getting inked!


All those who don't mind a needle piercing the skin, they must be so happy!

11. Chef-to-be-


Taking cooking lessons from mom or Youtube so that dependency is not an option. With the family worrying that the baby girl will burn her hand or the house, most probably the house, she was protected from the flames of the kitchen.

12. Openly discussing 'doing the deed' and other stuff


Mom is willing to impart knowledge at this age and you won't feel shy to ask friends and the elder siblings the appropriate age to lose your virginity! Aah! Saying the word makes you feel all grown up, doesn't it?

13. Being brave in fashion


"I'm an adult! No restrictions!", well, if parents say no, then it's still a no. But if they support you, you can try every single fashion disaster out there. Right from crop tops (some are cute, some just look like the other half is on its way) to under-boob tops. This is actually a thing.

Now if in reality girls get a chance to strike off these 13 things off their list once they turn 18, is in question. But for those who didn't have any ideas, you can pin some hope onto these!

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