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11 Reasons Why A Beer And Your Bhai Are Synonymous To Each Other.

Date: 2018-07-05 19:39:06

By Abhishek

Beer Aur Brother Mein Kya Common Hai Bhai?

If you are stuck with this question in your nut, we have got you plenty of reasons. The brotherhood which you share with your beer and brother is like 'Mere Do Anmol Rattan'. These two rattan's go hand in hand tightly. While reading the bond, I am pretty sure you will make your eyeballs wet, just get your beer ready!!

1. No matter how bitter your beer and your brother is, they will always stand beside you in your difficult times.

2. Chilled beer and your cool brother are enough to make your night party awesome.

3. Your party is incomplete until the beer and your bro does not arrive at the venue.

4. You feel happy when you see your brother after ages and you feel happier when you see a pack full of beers in his hand.

5. Just like your brother will help you forget your bad times, beer will prove to do the same.

6. All the craziness which you do with your bro, the beer will equally binge together in your crazy celebration.

Hum Saath Saath Hai Jodi.

7. As our brother said; Never say lie, no matter what, so does our lovely beer tries to make us truthful.

8. Your goa plan is incomplete without your bros and your favorite corona.

Goa = Beer! No Goa plan = No beer!!

9. Its either your bros or it's the beer who will force you to communicate in English because they both trust you that 'You Can'.

10. Trust is everything - All the embarrassing secrets you puked out to everyone last night are safe between your brothers and your beer.

11. Your brother will help you recall if you are short of memory and hence, beer also does this magic for you (According to studies, Beer boosts your memory).

It's time to raise the roof!!
Beer and Bro, Love!!

Note: Excess Of Anything Is Always Dangerous.

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