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Innocent But Funny Things We Used To Believe When We Were Small Kids. Aww So Childish!

Date: 2018-02-21 12:40:30

By Erica

As kids, we are innocent and privy to anything our parents say. Their word has and always will be (maybe not as much as when we were little) gospel truth to our ears and hearts. Whatever they say is inscribed in our heads and hearts forever.

As a result of all the advice we got as kids, here is a list of things we believed when we were little.

1. "Jhoot bologe toh naak lambi hojayegi"

2. "Kisi stranger se chocolate mat lena. Kidnap hojayoge"

3. "If you don't sleep early, boogeyman will come"

4. Whenever a kissing scene popped on screen, Parents be like - "Aankhein bandh karo. Gandi scene hai"

5. "Don't sit too close to the TV. you will become blind"

6. "Oil your hair if you want it to grow"

7. "Drink spinach (palak) soup, you will become strong like Popeye the sailor man!"

8. "Doodh nahi piyoge, toh strong baccha kaise banoge?"

9. "Don't make bad faces at people and food, if the wind blows your face will freeze like that forever"

10. "sone se pehle brush nahi khaoge, toh keede padenge "

11. You: "How did I come into this world?"
Parents : "Bhagwaan ne bheja tujhe"

12. "Kuch galat mat karna. God is watching. You won't get direct entry to heaven"

About 99% of these beliefs live and breathe in us. It's just something we can't let go of because it ss what our parents taught us. On the other hand, it sounds silly now. But trust me, I wouldn't ever take candy from a stranger. After all, mummy ki baat hamesha sacch hoti haina?

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