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Tamil Film 'My Son Is Gay' Is Winning The Hearts, And Great News Is, Movie Was Passed With No Cuts

Date: 2018-03-23 00:57:14

By Abhishek


'My son is gay'(En Magan Magizhvan), recently, the Tamil movie has won Best Film Award at the Second Indian World Film Festival which was organized in Hyderabad.

The film is about a boy who is not same like other boys. He loves his mother very much, He felt secure when he is around his mother. So one day he comes out to his mother about his sexual orientation.But he was shattered when his mother rejects him as a gay(and the story continues as his mother will start searching for him).


Ashwinjith is playing a role of son and Anupama as his mother. The film running time is 111 minutes and it is directed by Lokesh Kumar.
The film has amazing actors: Jayaprakash, Kishore Kumar, Anupama Kumar, Sriranjani, Abhishek Joseph, and Ashwinjith(Newcomer).

This is the first time in Tamil film industry that there is a movie on a gay relationship. The movie has been passed with the U/A certificate from CBFC.

The movie has been screened at many Film Festivals - New York, Kolkata, Chennai, Rajasthan and the good news is, the movie has got a positive feedback from everywhere.


Earlier, The project started as a Hindi film in 2013. But due to out of the blue problems, the film was paused for 2 years. In early 2016 the makers made a new team of actors and crew to produce it in Tamil and the film was completed in early 2017. The film was selected to be shown at the New York LGBT Film Festival in October 2017.

In an interview Lokesh Kumar said:

I envision my debut feature as a game-changing film on homosexuality. The aim is to spread awareness on the LGBT community, which is much needed, as many parents of adults are not even aware of the existence of this community. The struggles they go through when they find out their children are homosexual or bisexual, and the pain that the children then have to endure because of lack of acceptance, all of this needs to be discussed in the public sphere.

We should respect LGBTQ community, this movie will surely help people understand the problem LGBTQ community face and we hope they live a great life without any grapple.

We hope this movie will open the eyes of people not only in India but people around the world too.

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