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Thoughts You Have About Relationships When You Have Been Single All Your Life

Date: 2018-06-13 18:07:18

By Vasundhara

I can't imagine being the only person who looks at committed people who are young and goes "but why?" This reaction may stem from the fact that I have never been in a relationship all through my life. Now, there could be many reasons for this but the truth is, I just don't get it. Every time I hear someone crib about their relationship problems with me, all I do is sit there and nod because I can never comprehend the seriousness of the situation.

Anyway, I may be a hypocrite in saying this but trust me I have my own reasons.

1. "If you cry so much in a relationship then why are you in it?"

There are categories of people in a relationship and one of them are the one's who think they are part of an ongoing soap opera. All they do is cry and complain about all the wrong things their partner's have done.

2. "How can they talk to each other all the time?"

"You cut the call..."
"No, you cut the call..."
"No, you do it first.."
"You do it..."
(I snatch her phone and cut the call.)

3. "Who calls each other jaanu, baby, cutie? Ew!"

Am I the only one whose inside turn into mush every time I hear someone call their significant other with these cringy names?

4. "Can she stop talking about her boyfriend all the time?"

People in relationships have no other subject to talk about except their significant other like, did you even ask any of us if wanted to hear about the no. Of siblings he has, or the car he drives or the no. Of moles he has on his body!?

5. "I give them 2 weeks, max!"

As soon as you see a couple, you know they are not going to last long. Every time they discuss about the no. Children they want to have or where they want to live, you grin from inside.

6. "How can they keep fighting all the time?"

You are tired of hearing them fighting with each other and you think the reason behind them fighting is always so lame. You just want to shout "Shut up" but you can't, unfortunately.

7. "Why do they post such cheesy pictures? It's making me sick."

Caption-"When I open my eyes, I see you. When I close my eyes, I see you."
Me- I think I am going to throw up.
(Runs to the washroom)

8. "Why are they colour coordinated? They look so lame."

Whenever you see a couple who is wearing colour coordinated outfits, you just want to look away because it's just too much for your single heart.

9. "But, what do you do with a boyfriend? When do you feed him?"

You treat boyfriends/girlfriends like extra terrestrial creatures and you can never seem to figure out the unending mystery of being in a relationship. Rocket science would be easier than this.

10. "You will have to constantly wax when you are in a relationship!?"

If you are someone like me, you couldn't give another crap about shaving or waxing. Your body hair become a part of who you are and you just don't want to bear the pain of waxing.

11. "She has forgotten her friends. Of course, this had to happen."

Whenever someone get's in a relationship, they forget all about their friends and go on spending time with their new boyfriend/girlfriend. All you can do is make them feel guilty about their actions.

12. "Why do they care so much about their partner's approval?"

"Do you think he will like this dress?"
"Do you think I should lose some weight?"
"Would she like lilies or roses?"

13. "They waste so much time in the day getting ready."

Not in a relationship- Brushes their teeth. Makes a messy ponytail. Sprays an abundance of deodorant.

In a relationship- Takes a bath in rose petals. Straightens their hair. Takes an hour to decide their outfit. Sprays their most expensive perfume.

Relationships for single people will always remain a mystery but singlehood is our claim to happiness. You might get insecure about being single sometimes but being single is the best bargain. Do you agree or not?

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