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11 Funny Lines on Friends That You Will Relate Your Lovely Bonding With Them

Date: 2017-12-08 16:43:41

By TabloidXO Writers

If you have good friend than you don't need anything else. Friends define life. Whether it's a journey of pain or happiness, they will always stand for you. Everyone has their own memories but there should be one friend who will always be present in your good or bad times.

Friendship never defines caste, creed or religion, it is more than, all these exceptions. It bonds you with happiness, emotions and the most important thing, a relation that is unbreakable. If you can't tease your friend, stuck him in an unnecessary situation, make fun of him, make him beat by her girlfriend.

World without friends is meaningless, It's like a cake without a cream and sugar.

Let's See Some Funny Lines on Friends That Will Define Your Bonding.

Yes, we fight, we tease, we cry but we love each other more than anything else. The bond of friendship never breaks, it just gets stronger. I hope you relate this quotes with your own life, a reality is shared through these funny quotes.

Let's Celebrate Friendship.

Give a Jaddu ki jhappi next time you meet your Best Friends.

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