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These 11 Simply Clever April Fool Pranks We Can Do On Our Friends

Date: 2018-04-01 13:04:58

By TabloidXO Writers

I know I know you must be busy in planning and plotting with your friends to make your other friend catch into your pranks...

"Actually Ek Baat Kehni Thi, we are also planning this in our office:-P. Not only us, actually the whole world is running their brain out to plan something clever for their dear ones. So you have to be very smart because your friends must be knowing about your whip-smart mind and they will be double clever to prevent themselves from your clever pranks.

Here are some smart pranks which you can plan to get the shit out of them:

1.Boom!! Mentos and coke Prank

You just need some mentos, one needle, and a string. Pass the needle through mentos with a string attached to the needle. Put mentos inside the cap of the bottle and let that string hang outside until you close the bottle with the cap. Now cut the strings which are visible from outside. And you are all ready to offer the bottle to your friend and see some boom bam bombastic coke overflowing from the bottle. And your friend funny reaction, Oh I can imagine that.


2. plenty of glass on the floor prank.

Yes it will take time in setting these glasses like this, but who cares?? Eithe prank or site back at your home and I choose PRANK!!
Go for it.


3. loo loo prank

In a mall?? Or at office? Imagine your friend is in emergency(for loo), let your friend wait all day for the door to open, because Hum To Andar Hai Hi Nai. Apun Sakht Launde Hai, Nai Kholenege.


4. don't open the door prank

If your friends open the door, he will surely be going to see some stars in the day, and if you are doing this at night then god knows what they will do.


5. Snake Prank

This does not need any explanation you got it what you all need to do with this... Correct??


6. Mentos Inside the Ice Cubes

Now, this is interesting, invite your friends to your house, let's do some party sharty, serve them the drinks...Ohh it's so hot!!, so get some ice for your mehmaan's(guest). The hidden secret is: you have already frozen Mentos inside the ice cubes. Now, wait for the Mentos to do the jaadu(magic).


7. Dress Like a seat cover

Dress Like A Seat Cover And You Are The Alien For The Victim Of Your Prank.


8. Mouse And paper slip jodi.

This is something clever again. like really clever. paste a paper slip on the mouse and see the frustration level of your frineds,
Mera Chuha Kyo Nahi Chal Raha!


9. airhorn seat prank

Get an airhorn, attach it beneath the seat. You know the seat will bump down when someone sits on it. Try it with your boss and he will not fire you... trust me


10. Car packed with the Shopping carts.

Get them to the mall but keep in mind, instead of taking your vehicle, convince him/her to pick you up. Prank begins!! Surround the car with the shopping cart.


11. AAhhh.. Cockroach!!

Everybody love to hate them. So why not try it. If you are good at art and craft then its damn easy or otherwise print some cockroaches from the internet onto the paper and cut the paper according to th shape. Now paste it on the lamp, Switch On the light and see your friends freaking reactions.

Note: Prank your friends, make them laugh, have some happy moments, but without harming anyone.
Janhit Mein Jaari.

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