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On This April Fool Day, These Gifs Will Make Your Tum Laugh Out Loud

Date: 2018-04-01 14:48:34

By TabloidXO Writers

1. ohh that was quickie!!

2. Halla bol!! Halla bol!!

3. pee-OUCH

4. he must have peed in his pants.

5. Warning. Try at your own risk.


7. i can feel that pain bro.

8. shave shave shave.. sleeping shave.

9. Diwali in bathroom. lol people


11. This stunt is performed by professionals. do not even think of trying this at home, school, or anywhere.

12. they filled the life in him. so great people

13. ROFL. he must have washed his hand the whole day.

14. dig a pit and you will fall in it



Excuse Me?? tell us about your stomach pain in the comment section below. We got you everything.. hing, churan, cumin for your laughing stomach.

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