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Whether You Are A Punny Person Or Not, You Would Love To Read These PJ's Of Our Daily Life

Date: 2018-02-28 12:58:34

By TabloidXO Writers

Indians are always the best in cracking jokes whether good or bad, we laugh at everything, "Kyoki Hum Hass Mukh Hai Na".

But there are some Puns which we use every day but didn't realize that we all are the masters in JOOOKNGG!!

Let me give you some samples, how we are so PUNNY!!

1.when your bro is busy with his work and you don's want to disturb him.

2.Ok. Bye Bye, Goodbye

3.when your friends ask you about your saasu maa.

4.when you can't stop yourself to praise your friends beauty.

5.the baap of all the PJ's.

6.papaa aaya hai mera??

7.tu mere mat banana theek hai!

8.one hell of a PJ, forward this link and "TANG" your friends

9.dekha paas tha na!!

10.every girl master stroke dialogue.

chalo phir MIL-K (Milk) TANG Karte Hai Logo Ko.

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