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PAWWWSOME, Karnataka Took A Great Step By Allowing Pets To Travel By Their Public Transport

Date: 2018-02-02 17:23:45

By Abhishek


Can you Imagine your day without your pet? I know you can't.

And when you are out you are constantly thinking about your pet who is alone at home, waiting for you.

Whether going out on a public transport you have to think twice how to get your sweet pet along with you, Right?


But you know the answer, that you can't take your pet on any public transport because pets are considered as the baggage and they are shipped seperately.
Apparently, from this year Karnataka has allowed pets to travel with their owners on their public transports.


Yes, that's so beautiful step they took for the ease of the owner and for the ease of the pets, they are free to move anywhere on their public transport.

Now, Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) will consider pets as an adult passenger, they will be allotted a ticket separately and will be allowed to travel anywhere with the regular fare.

"We had been receiving complaints from passengers that our crew refuse to allow pets on buses. We wanted to change it and make our staff and services petfriendly. So, we decided to collect fare on par with passengers for pets travelling by our buses,"

a KSRTC official said.

The Fare will depend upon how much the pet weigh. The small size pets will be charged less and the big one will be charged a little more.


I Hope This Starts In Every City Of India.
Salute To You Karnataka Transport.

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