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After Launching Swadeshi Sim Cards Patanjali Launches Messaging App Named Kimbho, To Fight WhatsApp

Date: 2018-05-31 17:16:26

By TabloidXO Writers

Baba Ramdev has some big dreams and he is rolling it every new day. Days back, he launched his Swadeshi sim cards and gave a tsunami in the telecom sector. Now the news is he has launched his messaging app named Kimbho. It seems Patanjali is diversifying itself in each and every sector. The day is not far when you will see patanjali protein shakes, Patanjali cannabis and if Patanjali is lucky the day is not far when they will have their own planet.

SK Tijarawala, Patanjali's spokesperson, tweeted the launch of a new messaging application called Kimbho. And in his tweet, he wrote that Kimbho app will give a tough competition to WhatsApp.

And you must be wondering "Yeh Kinbho Kimbho Kya Hai Yeh Kimbho Kimbho!". Here is the answer:

So, from now on - how are you, whats up? and we will say Kimbho man??

When new things come in the market, what a normal person do is take a review from people around, and what can be the best place other than Twitter where you will get amazing AF reviews and responses!! Here is what people has to say about Kimbho App:

Baba Ramdev's new messaging app Kimbho a 'security disaster' claims French hacker in a series of tweets,

Kimbho tweets,

Currently the App has been taken down from the Playstore, May be due to a lot of complaints from users about the issues which they have faced.
To all the users out their, keep calm and do yoga.

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