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The Parents Will Spend One Day In Jail, If A Minor Is Caught Driving In Hyderabad.

Date: 2018-03-03 17:27:28

By Abhishek

Now Parents Will Keep An Eye On Their Children.

Recently in Hyderabad, 10 parents were sentenced to one day in jail because they permit their children to drive.

We know that many people in India die because of road accidents and the image India portrays to the world in regard of road accidents is really disturbing. Every hour 15 to 20 people die due to road accidents in India and we need to stop these losses.

In spite of various measures by the police and the lawmakers, people still try to flout the rules and risking the lives of themselves and the people on the roads.
To curb these road accidents, Hyderabad police have come up with a good way to prevent accidents from minors i.e. "Putting Parents In Jail For A Day."
Pronto, if a minor is caught, the Hyderabad police will consider parents responsible for the mishap and police will jail them for a day so that the next time they think thrice before giving their child any motor vehicle.

In the last month, 35 parents were sentenced to one day jail for this same reason.

In an Interview with BBC parents told:

I was unaware of [underage driving] rule. My 17-year-old son took his bike to go for his tutorial. And we were sent to prison,' said Shakeel Ahmed.

A senior police officer said he hoped spending a day or two in jail would encourage parents to think twice before letting children use their vehicles.

This needs to be stopped and Hyderabad Police took a brilliant step to prevent accidents and loss of lives.
A welcoming rule, Every Parent Should Follow".

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