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Man Tweets On 'Canceling Ola Cab Because The Driver Was A Muslim', Twitter Had A Great Batting Day On Field

Date: 2018-04-23 21:32:13

By Abhishek

A couple of days ago, an Ola user canceled his ride because the driver was a Muslim. The user on his Twitter account tweeted about it and in response Ola official twitter account did not take much time and responded in the best and in the proudest way possible.

They Tweeted,

This man tweet has collected many eye balls from Netizens and they started reporting his account on Twitter. But Twitter did not found any violation.

But as we know Twitter users have great skills to handle these kind of situations. So they had quiet a hectic day today because you know twitterati always go beyond limits to serve us some great humour and satire. Today's day is dedicated to "Canceling Ola Cab Because ________"

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