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Baahubali Magic Crossed America, As Kids Showed Some Fab Performance On NBA Court

Date: 2018-04-14 23:57:44

By Abhishek

Baahubali fever is not only in India, it's worldwide.

The craze for the movie and even for the songs are gripping the kids of America. In 2017, school kids took over the applause from the audience when they danced upon the Baahubali song "Mamta Se Bhari". Girls dressed in yellow and pink lehenga, orange dupatta, head piece which was adoring their look(Desi Kudi Title Goes To Them). The dancers showed the majesty that the film hold.

The video garnered 8,41,000 views and 1.1k shares in so less time.

The video was shared on NBA Facebook page.

Girls you nailed it!!

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