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These Two Malaysian Dudes Traveled All The Way From Kuala Lumpur To Hyderabad To Spend Their Vacations In The Jail.

Date: 2018-02-06 18:27:14

By Abhishek


I Dare You.

Read it till the end and you will get to know what I want you to do.
Like a normal person, we all plan a trip to Singapore, London, Paris or any country on the globe.
Before the tickets are booked we all start planning about the things we will be doing when we reach our destination.
Going on beaches, visiting the Eiffel tower, going to Madam Tussauds museum etc etc..Right?

We never thought out of the box places we can visit and that too at a cheap price.
However, we got two gentlemen from Malaysia!! Somehow they are not like us and they thought of something adventurous and they did it.


This crazy quote "Aaj kuch toofani karte hai" perfectly suits these two gentlemen who came here to India and stayed in the heritage jail museum(SangaReddy Jail Museum) in Telangana,

Yes, The Jail.

Anyhow they had enjoyed their stay is what we feel.

Thank You, Ng Inn Wo and Ong Boon Tek for giving us some serious travel goals.


As soon as they were done with the formality work they were given jail dress and shown their respective cell. For 2 days they were assigned the task which a normal prisoner does and they did in undoubtedly. They were given Indian food which was made for everyone by the prisoners living.

Now if you are adding this to your vacation list then you must know how to get there.

This is the program done by Telangana prison department and they named it "Feel The Jail". Anyone can come and spend a day, there is some minimal fee.

Whenever you are planning just give a call to Telangana Tourism and they will tell you when you will be under arrest and when will you be respected with the "hathkadi"..Just Joking!!

So, Ready For this Dare Fellows?

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