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You And Me Were Eating Toblerone Wrong All These Years. This Is How It Should Be Done

Date: 2018-04-29 16:48:16

By Abhishek

We all love this triangular looking sweet chocolicious Toblerone. This chocolate holds a lot of special memories of our Rishtedaar's(Relatives) because it is one of the chocolates which we got most of the time,

And Voila, Yummy!!

But eating this is something pesky because it looks like we dipped our hands inside a bucket full of chocolate, like this;

Or this,

Toblerone is not like any other chocolate where you can bite of a piece or swallow all the pieces in one go. Toblerone with such a unique style has got his own unique technique to eat too. And you will come clean after you will learn the way of eating Toblerone.

You just hold the chocolate in your hand and instead of pushing the piece outside the way, hold the piece from the top and just a simple click in inward direction is enough to enjoy your Toblerone.

Why No One Told Me This Before??

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