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These Indian Foods And Drinks Which We Thought Are Of Indian Origin But They Are Not

Date: 2018-03-22 16:50:56

By Abhishek

Chicken tikka in north, idli dosa in the south, aloo pitika in assam, vada pav in Maharashtra, every city has some piece de resistance.

India is famous for its tasty spicy food. Every corner of India has some of the other specialty which makes even foreigners love Indian food.
And I know there will be no justice if I say there are some foods which are not invented or originated in India. Although we do make that dish the best in this world and we do love that food to the bottom of our heart but coming to the actuality there are dishes which are actually not originated in India like:

1. Chai

Indians being the most addicted to chai, and it is one of the most selling hot beverages in India but you'll be surprised to know that the tea was officially originated in China. It was Britishers who popularize this beverage in India.


2. Rajma

Rajma chawal being the national food of India(at least for me), Now this is will be a what!! Moment.
Rajma came to India only after the red kidney bean arrived from Central Mexico and Guatemala.


3. Samosa

Originally called 'Sambosa'
This triangular potato filled savory dish that is easily found on every street of India is actually originated in the Middle East. The Indian samosa was actually introduced to the country sometime between the 13th and 14th century. Prince at that time used to enjoy samosa with meat filling.


4. Filter coffee

Coffee was not a part of India until the 16th century when it was smuggled into the country, by Baba Budan, on his pilgrimage to Mecca. On returning, he cultivated coffee and the drink soon became popular.


5. Khichdi

Khichdi being the most eaten dish by every Indian is also not originated in India. They say that Khichdi in India is actually a plagiarised dish and the original came to India nearly around 2500 years ago from China.


6. Biryani

Biryani bhii Nahi??

Hmm...Hyderabadi biryani being so famous all around India is not an Indian dish. Historians claim that it was brought to India by Turkic invaders.


7. Maggi

This 2-minute instant noodle is also not originated in India. All our childhood life has revolved around this food and we were not even aware of it. Our favorite Maggi comes from Switzerland. It was invented by Julius Maggi in 1872.


8. Jalebi

This dish is such a sweet to every Indian. Even we have item song on this. Originally called zalabiya (Arabic)or the zalibiya (Persian), the dish was brought to India by Persian invaders.
Jalebi is from the Middle East and various variations of this sweet were found across different Asian regions.


9. Aloo

Our food is incomplete without aloo. Whether it is aloo paneer, aloo matter, jeera aloo, duma loo, aloo puri etc. Aloo has originated hundreds of years ago in southern Peru and northwestern Bolivia.


10. Naan

Stuffed naan, butter naan, garlic naan etc, These Naan's are not originated in India. It was brought to India during the Mughal period. Basically, Naan is Persian cuisine. Its main origin in from the middle east, central Asia, and South Asia.


11. Chicken Tikka Masala

It was invented in Glasgow, Scotland! What a blow!! Our favorite Chicken Tikka is also not originated in India!!
"Sabse Zada To Hum Hi Khaate Honge Aur"

Khao Peeyo Aish Karo Mitron!! B'coz food is love.

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