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Engagement Rings Are Passe, People Are Getting Engagement Piercing, Its Lovely But With An OUCH!

Date: 2018-03-18 14:56:15

By TabloidXO Writers

"I just lost my boyfriend because, now, he is my fiancee."

What can be the most spesh day for a girl??
Getting inked?? Yes but not really!
OK, maybe traveling to her favorite destination? Hmm close enough!! But not this one either.

The best moment for a girl is when her boyfriend goes down on his knees and propose in a most romantic way possible. Obviously, he will be carrying that ring, ladies. AAHH so romantic.
Whether it's a girl or boy, both wish something rousing and innovative. Apparently, these rounded rings are getting passe.

Allow us to present you the swanky, the kicky new rings in the town and these are - Dermal piercing.

People around the world are choosing diamond dermal piercing. In this, you will just see a diamond floating on top of the finger. Rather than having a proper round banded ring, people are getting inclined towards these. It's not just the diamonds, you can put any stone or metal you want to get pierced.

It looks supercalifragilisticexpialidocious but OUCHHH!! it's little painful.

Well, yes we have not seen anything like this in India but people are going crazy about this new glittery shittery diamond piercing.

Already excited??
Hold on, check out these photos of those who have already adopted this trend and then you can make your mind and do tell us whether it's a thumbs up or thumbs down from your side.

Thumbs Up??

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