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These Banters From Shrimaan Shrimati Will Make You And Your Belly Relive Those Old Memories With A Laugh

Date: 2018-03-12 18:38:52

By Abhishek

Ohh shrimaan ji.. oo shrimati ji.. suno suno ek baat pate ki, baat pate ki.. are laakh takke ki laakh takke ki lakh takke ki.. ghar ki biwi daal ki jaisi daal ki jaisi.. bahar ki biwi lagti hai murgi..

Amazing Intro Line..Right??

You have to admit shrimaan shrimati was one of the best shows of the 90s and we still miss that program terribly.
It felt so refreshing when we used to dig our eyes on Keshu and Koki cute fight, the flirting keshu used to do with prema shalini. I still remember, I used to do my homework before it, so that I can enjoy watching this show.

If you don't know about the plot line of this show, let me give you a brief idea:

Dilruba(neighbour 1) and Keshu (neighbour 2) were in love with each other's wives. They never miss any opportunity to impress each other wives.
The Chintu being the naughty kid, who used to eat so much!! His repartee as a kid was at the next level.

It's been almost 2 decades since it was last aired on the television.

To resuscitate those memories I came up with the best dialogues from Shrimaan Shrimati, Enjoy the classic memories:








reliving those moments??

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