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Crazy Funny Things You Do To Stop Yourself From Sleeping

Date:2017-11-26 12:57:38

By Danish Jaffery

No hard feelings for sleep but it's just sometimes that you don't want to!

You want to stay awake a little longer, be a little crazy, smile to yourself and most importantly throw off that cloak and be yourself completely!

The ones jotted down below can surely make a night better!

1.Hop on the beats

Put on that favorite party song or that DJ remix and get on the floor!

I bet you all have done that one or the other time. And I tell you, the crazier it sounds the more zabbardast it is! Agree?


And just when you know you can't bear it any longer there comes to the rescue a hot cup of coffee. I once sipped one and couldn't sleep the whole night I had to travel.

It works! Really hard!

And then, coffee is bae!

3.Watch Series

What better to drowse into your favorite tv series than sleeping!

All the Friends and GOT fan raise your hands high!!!

Others too, fall well in the list.

4.Browsing Internet

This is like the road to nowhere. You never know what you started from and where you have reached.

*Incognito mode included*

5.Smoke It Out!

Keeping the air in your lungs aside, there's never a harm to lit up a cigarette and smoke it out... The smoke does dome things really well...

*Smoking kills*

6.Have A Stroll on The Terrace

And if you don't have a terrace, where are you? Living under a rock?

That gentle breeze and the sky full of stars does take you into some deep thoughts...

It's still my favorite place of a home.

7.Find Old Albums

Being a little nostalgic, watching old albums and living all those memories again is no harm either. Sometimes even that old folder in your phone that you rarely open brings up some surprises!

8.Call an Old Friend

These are the friends with whom you may not talk for months but when you do it's all the same yet again. There's no awkwardness and you know each other by nerves.

It's always a great idea to call them up and have some jolly moments.

9.Social Networks!

Needless to mention, they do their tasks themselves!

Just a notification and Bam! Game over!

Now there you are at 3 o'clock still checking on the likes and comment, the new memes, WhatsApp status, tinder aunty and the whole world in there!



Nothing better to replace sleep than food. Don't agree? Ask a panda and see how sorted their lives are!

Get something tasty rolling around your tongue and then to your belly.


11.Read or Write

And then, for the ones in love, the word weavers and the book lovers this is the perfect soluchan for them to get away from sleep.

Scribble down something or dive in a book!

Just perfect!

So, before I say good night, scroll up the list, set the one you like most and pull on your night pajamas!

And there you go!


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