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17 Guidelines For Powerful Couples Who Want An Everlasting Relationship.

Date: 2018-06-27 18:19:12

By Erica

Ever looked at the person you are crazy about and wish time would stand still?

Love never dies. It lives beyond the grave. Till date, we talk about romantics like Romeo & Juliet. Of course, they had an exciting love story with a tragic end, but don't you wish your relationship stayed with you even when the heart stops beating?

Wouldn't it be lovely to feel that way while you are alive? Like, your relationship is... beyond compare? Beyond any measure? Immortal?

These are 17 guidelines to keep your relationship as stronger as ever:

1. Press that 'spacebar' often.

The one thing you start missing once you begin dating somebody is your own space. You miss being alone with yourself sometimes. You miss relaxing without having to do everything together.

Your significant other must never feel like that. There must be no regrets. Give each other space.

2. "I need something from you. Your time"

You remember trying to grab her attention? Do you remember trying to impress him by saying the right things? Do you remember spending time together because you enjoyed each other's company?

That should never die. Spend time together because you want to, not because you've always spent time together. Don't let the most special things about being in a relationship change.

3. Make him smile. Make her laugh.

A relationship should be all about laughter and smiles together with a million other emotions. If your lover can make you smile on your darkest days, you 're a winner.

4. Keep that fire burning

Couples lose the 'thing' they had. That thing could be intimacy. The excitement of exploring each other's bodies must've felt amazing at first. But don't ever feel like it's getting old and boring. Don't think there is nothing new. Being intimate is a sign of love.

5. It is okay to argue.

I don't support fights. My friend believes couples should fight. It is healthy. Well, not so much so. The more you fight, your differences come to light. That is good. You can choose to work on them or ignore them. But if you fight or argue often, you will begin to feel something is off. Maybe you two are not as compatible as you thought. Dark thoughts enter your head. Couples who don't argue at all don't have life figured out. Don't be harsh on them. Every couple has their moments.

6. Never be the reason for the tears.

If you really love someone, you must hate seeing their tears. They are permitted to cry at funerals and surprises. Also, happy tears! But if you want to keep a relationship strong and unbreakable by force of mankind, do not be the reason why your partner goes to be all teary and upset.

7. Surprise!

Don't you just love to be surprised? I mean, imagine for people who have a long distance relationship – they best part, I think, is that you can surprise them anytime. Even if you live together or close by, unexpected visits are cute. Just be careful not to scare your girl.

8. Acceptance

Accept the fact that you are imperfect to the world. But you are the world to each other. Stop trying to change little things. She is too thin, he is too chubby, she is too cranky, he is too loud, she is too lazy, he is too pro-active ... if something troubles you, say it. Nicely. Don't be Mr. Fix-a-lot!

9. Check up on each other

It's so sweet and caring when someone tells you to call when you get home. Never let that go. Show how much you care. It doesn't make you clingy, it makes you a person with feelings.

10. Stand up for each other.

It's difficult to choose between friends and boyfriend/girlfriend. But when you know who is right and who is wrong, when you trust your partner enough to know with just a gut feeling that they are innocent. Fight.

11. Getaway

Make a plan spontaneously. Go out. Have fun. Live a little.

12. Liar spotted!

Honesty is the root of any and every relationship. Whether it is about your past, present or future, it is always safer, to tell the truth. being honest helps you build your trust.

13. Be savage together

Best friends before partners. It is important that you see each other as a friend first

14. Keep the promises you make

Whether you promise to buy a diamond ring, never to leave or cook dinner for the night, never break your promises.

15. Save each other

You don't have to go too far to call for help. Your partner will always be there to bail you out.

16. Believe that you are perfect pieces of a puzzle

You know you are happy when you don't care what others say, what they do, who your ex is dating. You are happier. You are yourself. You feel like you belong together.

17. Say it

Never forget to say how lucky you are that you are in love. Always appreciate your boy. Never take your girl for granted. It's like digging for ages and finally finding a gold mine! You should confess your love every day.

Confessing your love every day, complimenting the person you are in love with, learning to love the new flaws you begin to notice is all that makes a relationship stronger. But the ones above of all are Understanding and patience.

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