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"Be Yourself And Darna Mat" Break The Glass Ceiling By PeeCee

Date: 2018-01-19 16:47:54

By Erica

"Never Get Settle To One Thing.. Say Everyday Now What Next Baby".

At some point or another in life, we've heard people tell us - "Be Yourself. "Darna Mat", "Jo Dil Kahe Woh Karo."


Do they mean it? Do they support what they say to you? Maybe. Maybe not. They are probably just trying too hard to be nice. But they are absolutely right too. I don't wish to be exactly like someone. Of course, I want to be where he/she is. I want to be as successful as the richest man in India. I want people to love me like they love Bollywood actors. But do I want to copy them from head to toe?


Why? Because I have set my own standard that I have to match every single day. I have goals and dreams that I have to build. Goals and dreams which are different from the people I am inspired by. Yes, the end result I desire to see is the same but our approaches and reasons differ. That's why today I want every single one of you who is reading this article to say,

"I am me and I love it."


This isn't just about accepting yourself and I am not protesting against beauty ads here. I am telling you to be confident and proud of your flaws. I constantly worry about what others will think, say and wonder if I dress a certain way if I act a certain way if I tell them to F-off. Something I've learned the hard way, I will share with you right now.

No matter what you say wear, do and how you treat people, they will stay with you if they really truly believe in you and want you in their life. Today if I tell my mother to leave me alone, do you think she is going to pack her bag and move to the Himalayas? No. I know there is no love greater than that of a parent but you get the point. If you do things the way you want , with a certain idea in your head - know that the world will criticize and throw rocks at you because they have no clue at all where you are heading. Don't stop yourself from getting lost in the world of dreams. Hold onto yours when you return to reality and work towards it.

An opportunity can change yourself. Can't it? But only when you recognize it, grab it and make the most of it. Imagine the number of opportunities we fail to grab because we are so busy sticking to a schedule. Doing the same thing every day. We afraid of change. But "change is constant."


The famous Priyanka Chopra who today is not only an actress but a producer, an author, an artist and recently appointed as UNICEF's global goodwill ambassador, delivered her speech on "Breaking the Glass Ceiling" at Penguin Annual Lecture 2017. It is one of the best speeches I have heard. I am not a huge fan of politician's speeches but I am the person who will Google search and share inspiring speeches by people who hail from the film industry. They understand struggle and competition. They relate to comparison and criticism. They have a voice that can speak for an entire community, society, and nation and be heard!

Priyanka Chopra discusses why you should aim higher and not only to break the glass ceiling. She reveals 12 rules of becoming the best version of yourself.

This is one hell of a speech you do not want to miss especially since it is being delivered by one of the most gorgeous and phenomenal women. Our very own Piggy Chops!.

It's Never Bad To Say I Want More Because By That "MORE" You Might Help Someone Needy.

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