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Do You Know About Black Rice Benefits And Black Rice Recipe? Black Rice Are Also Known As Emperor Rice.

Date: 2018-07-03 12:59:09

By Abhishek

Not only in India, actually, all over Asia, if there is one food which is made very often is, Rice. The khichdi which we know is India's national dish is also made from rice.

But, by rice, we think it's white rice or brown rice, and we never knew that there is one more variety of rice which is called Black Rice.

Yes, they exist.


However, black rice was never so popular in India except for north-eastern state, which is Manipur. Black rice has been growing for centuries in Asia. There are two types of black rice; Indonesian black rice and Thai jasmine black rice.

It was never so popular in the whole of India and here is the story behind it:

According to historians, at that time, black rice was very tricky to grow and therefore, only the rich class of the society could afford to get this rice and enjoy the dish. Whereas, commoners were forbidden from eating this rice. Thus, this is why black rice was also known as the forbidden rice or the emperor's rice.


Now, you must be asking yourself, how Black rice color is black? We got you the answer to your question.

The deep black color of the rice comes from anthocyanin, it is a powerful antioxidant found in the rice. If you soak these rice in water, the color of the rice changes to purple.

And how Black rice benefits us?

Black rice contains Anthocyanin on the outermost layer. It is an antioxidant which will protect against cardiovascular disease and cancer. Anthocyanin also makes your tummy full, you will not feel hungry for a long period. Apart from Anthocyanin, it also has phytonutrients, which stores anti-inflammatory properties. Black rice also is rich in proteins and iron and is also gluten-free.


Planning to cook at home? Here's black rice recipe.

Making black rice is not difficult as it sounds, it's very simple to cook like any other rice. First, what you need to do is, Soak the rice for about 30 to 40 minutes. After soaking, cook in the same way as you cook white or brown rice.

It's already started in cities restaurants!

In India, the trend for black rice is slowly gripping up and many restaurants have started making black rice delicacies. Whether it is black rice sushi, or salads or the black rice kheer, the black rice is becoming a part of the gourmet culture in the cities.

I am feeling royal already! Let's munch on for the next weekend.

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