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Goodbye To Fake Tinder Profiles, This App Will Help You Verify Your Tinder Date. Even A Lot More It Can Do

Date: 2018-04-15 02:30:10

By Abhishek

Yoti is a digital identity app which was launched in India in February. Yoti is the new way to prove your identity. Robin Tombs, along with Duncan Francis and Noel Hayden launched this App in 2014.

We all have accounts on social media, and other chatroom applications where we start chatting with some random people and end up making some internet buddies. The days passed, After talking and knowing each other, we suddenly plan to meet up. The biggest nightmare turns, when you get to know that the person you were talking to, was not the one he/she was pretending to be??

Problem problem??

Then, use Yoti.

This video will help you with all ramification that might happen with you if you don't keep an eye on those fake people meet ups.

- Yoti will help you verify people you meet
- Yoti will help you log in to your fav websites accounts without even remembering a single password, it uses biometrics.
- Will help you identify your love of life on Tinder or any other dating app.
And it does many more things. Click here to know more.

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